Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Here is the last edition, the new rug.  I simply love it and it was the only one they had.  The blank wall over the bed may eventually have a quilt hanging on it as I'm thinking I could place the hangers on the molding instead of in the brick wall.  We'll have to wait and see what the future brings.

More Bedroom

The pictures make it look a little lighter than it actually is but the paint turned out the exact match to the verticals.  While I hate the verticals they will have to stay a while.  The prior owner plastered the concrete walls and while the look is nicer, it chips if I drill through it and I'm not ready to replaster all the walls.   I may eventually remove the slats and use curtains in the same clips.

I also didn't hang things on walls for same reason but tried to use the vases that not only add color but a taller than usual decoration so bare walls aren't so obvious.   Here are more pics of the bedroom.  I wish I had taken a before pic but didn't think to.    I'll post tomorrow once the bed is finished.  I debated changing the lamp shades to both white but I like that they add different affects to the lighting so I can turn on whichever suits my mood.   I forgot to get pics of the doors.


Well the sewing room came out so nice I decided to go ahead and do the front bedroom I moved to when kids moved next door.   First was the bed.  I've changed beds 3 times in 3 years since I got rid of my water bed and I hate them all.  So I blessed the new mattress I bought this year to someone else and ordered a new waterbed.  Figured if I'm going to paint I'll have to do it before they deliver as it's too hard to move even a softside.   So after 6 months of debating a color I set off to Lowe's in search of white.  Figured I would use white with white linens then make some quilted bed runners to color the room.

Well white quickly became Spiced Vinegar, don't ask, it just spoke to me.   I still debated but once it was finished I absolutely LOVE the color.  The room is so warm and soothing.  I painted the trim in "creamed butter".

Friday, June 13, 2014


Here's one more with his other son.  On vacation in Englewood.  We used to go down to Weston's with a group of people every year.  It's now Weston's Wanna Be Inn.  Canadian company bought them and doing a huge renovation project.


I guess I'm just missing him more as it's coming up on father's day.  I think step-fathers are amazing people. You choose to love kids you don't have to.   Here he is with 2 of my step-brothers.  Wish I saw more of them but I know people get busy.


My dad had 3 cats - Angel, Lily and Solomie.  Gosh how he loved those cats.  I think cause they showed him so much love back.  here he is with Solomie


My dear friend and second mom was gracious enough to share pictures with me.  I have some older pics but my sister kept all the current family pictures when my mom died so I have none of my dad.   Funny we've just never been picture takers.   Yesterday Nancy (who takes amazing pictures) shared with me a few she had on hand of my dad.   Happy Father's Day (1941 - 2006)

Here he is with my mom - dominoes last place trophy was a toilet bowl trophy.  Lordy how my mom HATED getting that trophy.  They used to play monthly with some friends.

Monday, June 9, 2014


So here is my lateral put back where it belongs along with the fabric folded and placed back.  I had forgotten I ordered boards to roll the fabric on so I guess I'll have to do this all over again when they arrive.  The plastic pouches on first shelf are projects I have precut and are ready to sew.   I just place the cut strips in package with pattern and I can start anytime.  Sorry can't get second pic to rotate.  If you see me buying more fabric, slap me.  This in insane.   before you ask, yes those boxes are full of fabric.

But I digress.  As I mentioned, I have a new sister so I need to get finished playing with paint, finish up my prayer quilt and make her and hubby a quilt. You can't have a sister with no quilt.


I decided this weekend that it was time to repaint my sewing room.   I hadn't bothered to paint those rooms while the kids were living with me and have put it off sense they moved as I hate painting.  And I do mean HATE.  So Saturday I decided it was time.   I painted the room lavender now I have to go to Lowes and get white for doors, ceiling and trim.

I ended up painting the walls, then cleaned and replaced the white/black rug and purple chair, added a pretty white curtain, a black catchall cabinet, cutting table and redid the fabric cabinet.  I'd really like to get an old china cabinet and paint it white for the fabric but that lateral is full and I have no where else to put it.    Funny I forgot the chair was purple till I painted the room and someone mentioned they matched.

Here are some pictures.  Little blurry as I had to use phone.  Once I moved everything to living room I couldn't get to camera.  Hard to tell from after pics but the room is light purple.


A fellow quilter (funny phrase as it really is a man) in my online quilt group is going thru some medical issues and I decided to send him a prayer quilt.  We always jump when we hear of people working thru bad things and immediately think "make a quilt".  We never think to do that for other quilters but I'm sending him one to remind him he is prayed over.  Here's what the blocks will look like.  G
ot about 4 done and need to finish the rest and get it quilted and mailed.


Well after thinking about that jelly race quilt I decided to give it a try.  Friday night after dinner I pulled out a halloween jelly roll I had from Moda.  After sewing the strips end to end I spent and extra 5 minutes trimming the excess.  Video said not to bother but I didn't want to deal with extra bulk.  After that and discounting time to wind bobbins, it really did take about an hour.  I will go back and add a border but that is just personal preference.   Can't say I like the picture but in person when finished it was pretty cute.  I'll try one in florals next.

Friday, June 6, 2014


So, I was watching a video last night and it made me wonder about quilting.  The video was on how to make a jelly racer quilt.  Many of the comments and blogs I found said they like the pattern cause it allows you to do a quick quickly and get it finished.

This got me to thinking.  I quilt for relaxing and stress relief so do I really want to approach it as something I see as wanting to get started and out of the way quickly?  Doesn't it defeat the idea of quilting being a hobby that you do because you enjoy?  After some thought about it during my morning commute I realize it has it's place, I think.

As quilters wherever we hear someone is sick or struggling we immediately think "they need a quilt" yet there are times life it too hectic to get one done right then.  So in that instance I can see myself making a jelly racer quilt.  In fact, I think I'll try one tonight and see if they really do sew up in about an hour.  Hard to imagine.


Luckily this blog is not just for quilting but rambling as well.  Hence the name of my blog.    So new things in my life. . . . . . . .

I recently found, as no result of my hard work, that I have a sister.  I won't use the word half sister cause I think there is no such thing.  Someone can't be half of your family.  However since my mom passed away I have learned a hard lesson - family isn't all it's cracked up to be and sometimes you're better off without them.  So once I learned about Jill and started talking to her it was such a welcome surprise to have someone that's family and appears to be just a nice person not out to cheat and hurt people.

Like I said, I can't take credit for finding her as she put all the work into finding her family that led her to me. First thing I thought was do I want to subject her to the two siblings I have.  Would it turn out to just be one more person they make miserable?  Then I realized she isn't related to my other sister and I will let her decide about the brother.

It's funny how prayers get answered and you weren't really sure what you were praying for?  Since all the stuff with my mom's death and the behavior of my siblings, I have just decided it's in the best interest of my health (mental and physical) to walk away and let them work out the issues and results of their decisions. The funny part is family has always meant so much to me and I've struggled for a very long time wondering why they don't feel the same, almost to the point I pressure them to be family like and it makes relationships worse.    So it was hard to just turn away and pretend I have no family.  Had accept it's time to stop helping people that feel you're nothing and realize family doesn't mean much to some people and you can't change that.  I should interject here that I have a second set of what I like to call second parents that bring so much love and caring into my life.  I've known Nancy and Kerry since I was around 8 and they have always been so caring, like I was their child almost.  

I thought it was weird one night I realized I was praying and asking God why I couldn't have a normal loving family.  Why couldn't he make my family care.  Then I heard from Jill and never connected the two till someone said to me the other day . . .didn't you ask God for a normal family?  Isn't she kinda what you asked for?  Wow that was a heavy revelation.  Between this and my second parents, I have a real family.

I have corresponded with her several times and look forward to getting to know her and eventually meeting her.  She has put so much effort into finding family that I hope the ones she finds bring many blessings to her life.   She has told me more about my dad and his family than my mom would.  

She was kind enough to send me a picture of her and her husband. She's certainly a beautiful woman but I wouldn't post her pic without hr permission.  Once I ask if she approves I'll add it.

All in all what I have learned in 5 short months?  Friends are family you get to choose and there are normal families out there as well as we all have to pick and choose who we allow in our lives.