Friday, October 17, 2014


Since I don't have enough projects - LOL, I've decided to try my hand at making my own salt scrubs.  I just love them but $25 for a small jar is nuts and I can't find aroma's I like.  My salt should arrive today so I'll let you know how it goes.   Might try one with sugar also but I find the salt ones more exfoliating.


When I look at the awesome quilts friends post online and I look at mine I wonder why I don't make fancier quilts.  However numerous people have asked why I don't sell some of my quilts so I set up a facebbok page and a website.

Feel free after looking to offer any helpful suggestions.

Facebook you can search Victoria's Classic Quilts or my website is

Monday, October 13, 2014


I finally got tired of waiting for someone to help me with a way to hang my quilt on the dining room wall so I did it myself.  Took forever but coordination is not my strong suit.  Since I couldn't drill into concrete I decided to hang it so I could change it any time I wanted.  I screwed cup hooks into the molding and them hung hte quilt using binder clips.  I think it worked great.  I might make one for each season but not sure cause I really think this one ties the green walls, brown carpet and red chairs all together.


And Matt arrived to the rescue.  Yes I know he would have shoveled all of it, but I did what I could  since I need the exercise.  Matt came Saturday and after another 5 hours of work he shoveled all the mulch, layered it out nicely, added 2 of the chairs from my hard and my extra umbrella and it looks awesome.  We trashed the old decayed wood fence and put in a pretty green metal one.  This way they can see the road and front yard and have an area to sit and relax or build an evening fire.  Robert will finish pressure washing the house this weekend, I'll move over the fire pit and it's all set to go.


After hearing it would take about another 100 bags. I decided to have a load of mulch delivered.  So here is what 4.5 yards of mulch looks like dumped in your yard.  The second picture is what it looks like after 2 nights after work of shoveling enough to get the fence opened after he dumped the mulch.  The first night I was tossing it over the fence one shovel at a time.  The second night I filled the trash can with it and toted it around the other side of the house till I moved enough to get the fence open.  It was so decayed Robert ok'd just trashing it.  I was feeling all 53 of my years last week. 


Shannon's side yard is so over grown with these strange weeds and no matter how much you pull them out within weeks that are  a foot high and taken over again.  So for their birthdays I hired a friend who came over, pulled them all out, trimmed everything, applied weed killer and then built them a seating area.  Here's the beginning of the work.  The last picture is how far I got on the 12 bags I thought would do half.

Folded Fabric

After months of having the comic boards, I decided to take the plunge I'd seen so many quilters doing and and fold my fabric on boards similar to mini bolts.  It doesn't take up any less space but I must admit it is much easier to see what you have.  Here are my before and after pictures.

New Home Vintage Machine

I just realized the gold machine will have to be vintage machine #3 since I forgot about the 1950's Dressmaker that was the first one.  Anyway, here's an old New Home Light Running from the 40's.

 Her case needs a little restoring or recovering and her cords were spliced together but she runs like butter and she is too cute.  The New Home Light Running and Free Westinghouse were all made by same company.  I've found quite a few of the Light Running models but so far we've only been able to find one other in green.  I've named her Envy.

Vintage Sewing Machine #2

I'll call this number 2 since the treadle is number 1.  I realized over this past weekend I will likely never use the treadle.  I am using it as a table now to hold my Dressmaker but I can't see myself ever sewing on it and I have no idea how to get it running, replace parts, etc.

I found this Free Westinghouse from the 40's at Goodwill for $6.  Even with shipping it only totaled $36.  It seems to run fine and except for the cord and someone drawing an arrow on it, it looks in brand new condition.  I always wonder where did people store these for 50 years that it wasn't even dusty.   The cord is so brittle it cracked is numerous places so I'll have that replaced before I even try plugging her in.  She's not a treadle, she's just sitting on the treadle table for now.  She'll need a name once I get her running.

Little Dog aka Azeroth

I just like posting pictures of my grand dog cause I love that crazy, hyper, nutty little dog.


It's hard to believe another month has gone by and I forget to come here and post things.  I think about it then after all day on the computer I rarely turn it on at night.  Not much is new except the roof, after a couple of minor issues, is finished.   It's a pretty green color and can't wait to paint the house and have everything looking nice.

I been trying to help Shannon and Robert when I can to get the house looking the way they want.  It's so awesome to come home to a house you're proud of and remember how blessed you are that God favored you with your own home.

No pictures of the roof but it's a nice evergreen color.