Thursday, October 8, 2009


I planned Jessica's baby quilt before she left on maternity leave. Then I planned on finishing while she was out on maternity leave and now that the precious baby is 8 or 10 weeks old and I finally finished. At least I got it done before she hit high school. She'll need one for graduation so I better get started now.

Jessica wanted alphabets and this came out pretty cute. Boy is it puffy. I used the 6 oz batting and while it was a pain to quilt it will make a nice mat to use when she's visiting friends so the baby isn't on the floor.

Here's a picture of Anna's quilt.

Raffle #2

I finished the second quilt for the Ladies Dessert raffle. As I mentioned this is one of two donated to my church for a fundraiser in December. We'll be raffling it off the night of our Ladies Dessert. I'm buying 10 tickets myself. This came out beautiful. It was hard to give it away but it's a good cause.