Friday, February 11, 2011

#4 for 2011 - Ready to Roll

Here is # 4 for the year ready to go. It doesn't have the yellow it looks like in the picture. I took a picture at night in the bedroom and I think the lamp was over shadowing the light so it looks to have a bit of yellow. It's dominate color is purple. Again it's a no buy so that makes 3 for 2011. This is Strip Twist from pattern page.


Well I have managed to finish up another no buy quilt for 2011. It actually falls into no buy as well as a UFO. This is one I started way back - probably a year at least. I found the orange print and wondered what it would match. I made one square to see how it looked and then cut the pieces and packed it up. So here it is. I love the orange but it might be a bit bright.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is another UFO. I started it several months ago but just never did the basting, quilting and binding. Too much house drama in between. I had a friend over for my housewarming who loved the bright, vivid colors of the Slide Show and this was the same fabrics. Well as you know I send them where the Lord tells me to, so it just seemed he wanted her to have this one. So it got quilted, bound and lives with it's new mom Dawn. I'm pretty sure she'll love it forever.


OK finally had to accept the fact that son-in-law and I are simply too old to spread a dump truck full of dirt in a timely fashion. After working on it 2 evenings I finally hired my nephew. More money but he's 18 so he can work harder. After ony 4 or 5 hours work the dirt is spread. Now to wait a week or so to settle then mulch and trim back the trees. Parking situation solved. I hope cause soon I'll have a $1000 yard.


So the yard is still our biggest thing at this point as driveway floods when it rains. I am trying to make a parking area outside front fence for Shannon and her husband to park their cars while they're living with me that way I and guests can use the driveway without moving cars constantly. However too much water flows across drive. Solution, fill dirt. Did you know if you ask for a "load" of dirt it sounds small - 18 yards. Ha thats not much. Here's my dirt before it was spread. Just FYI - 18 yards is a lot.