Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Curves Disappointment

I decided after months of debating to finally quilt my batik crazy curves. I've put if off because I tend to give them away once finished and I really liked this one and becasue I couldn't decide how to quilt it.

After a couple of months of that I decided to free motion inside the circles on one row and outside on the next row as I really love the meandering quilting. Needless to say I was not really satisfied when I finished. I think the overall quilting is not a compliment to the design of the quilt. However it's not like you can do it over. Since it's for me it'll will be fine but I wish it had come out nicer. I'll post a pic once I get the binding on. That was a struggle also but I decided on a lavender batik. Once it's posted let me kno what you think.

Lets hope the next is better - I'm going to try a stitch in the ditch for ther first time.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Faithquilters Additional

Not much new to note but here's a new one I posted on Finished it this week. It's close to a repeat of the January one. The fabric was started as a mystery quilt that was never finished. I cut them into blocks, added green borders on half and orange on the other half and made 2 comfort quilts.
There is no pattern name but they are bright and cheery.


This is listed on the Faith Quilters blog also but I'm posting it here as one of my "no buy 09" quilts. This was made completely with stash from the closet. It's called a Disappearing Nine Patch. I wasn't crazy about using the same cream for borders but it's all I could do without buying something else. So there's #1. #2 is waiting to be quilted.
Watch for more coming soon. I have a crazy curves wating for binding and 2 more to be quilted along with the many still in my head.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Watch for new quilts this week and next. I have one in the binding stages and 4 more basted and ready to quilt. 3 are comfort quilts and 2 I'm keeping for myself.

Tax season is over so it's back to quilting. Hurrah.

Well here we go on the no buy quilts

In 2009 I tried joining a no buy quilt group. Needless to say that group didn't last long. If you knew quilters you'd understand why. Anyway, since I purchased a fat quarter or two (ha-ha) I've decided to try and go it without a group starting 4/15/09.

So, between 4/15/09 and 4/15/10 I'm going to try and use what I have to complete quilts. I've been busy lately cutting up the fabric I have and was really amazed. I cut up the fabric for at least 10 quilt tops and never even made a dent in the stash. I was shocked how much is there and since no on wants it when I'm gone, it's time to put it to use. This doesn't include the backing. Instead of expensive fabric I've started using twin sheets. They are perfect size without being pieced and stay nicely smooth when quilting.

From now till next year look for my quilts titled - No Buy Quilt. I have one finished and basted and another I'll finish up this week. As soon as I have them quilted I'll post them here. Keep an eye out. If I've posted others I'll list what I bought for them - kinda an accountability factor.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I'm calling this my newest March quilt as it was mostly done by then. Because of the therapy on my arm I wasn't able to quilt it until this week but it's all finished now except the binding which will go on tonight and tomorrow. This is a graduation gift for Holly. I'll be shipping to her grandmoth Hazel in Minnesota so she can give to Holly for her new dorm room. Hope she loves it. I heard she was crazy about Asian things. The March/April comfort quilt will be finished soon and I'll post it on the Faith Quilters blog.