Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday - Oct 20, 2008

Well I just got back from a very enlightening retreat. It's called a 3 Day Encounter With Jesus. Boy was it. I feel re-filled.

So what's next in the quilt world? Well I have about half the blocks done for Hazel's Log Cabin. I won't post a picture here as she's nosy and she'll check. She wants that picture bad. I'll have to put that on hold a little while as I need to finish Amy and Cathy a baby quilt by November 1 then it's back to the log cabin. I guess as soon as I can get that together I'll work my way further down the list. I have a couple of others I want to work on but I would also like to get a few more comfort quilts ready as well.


Here is my bird quilt I'm finally finished and sent off to jean in Minnesota. She sent me a beautiful card saying she just loved it. I started with fancy cutting some large squares but only had enough for 8. So I added a center square of small bird print. After that I sashed the blocks and added the 9 patch borders. I loved the final outcome. It really came out nice. I heard her home was mostly blue so I'm glad she liked it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I took a class last month to make this HUGE quilters tote. They aren't kidding, I could carry my supplies and a kid or 2 in there.

I was thrilled with the results. I wasn't able to find fabric I liked so I quilted my own. Doesn't save you any money after 2 yards outside, 2 yards inside and 2 yards batting - but you get what you want. There are not that many pretty pre-quilted fabrics out there anymore.

That arm belongs to Jean at my office - I make her display all my items so I can take the pictures. I have to promise to leave out her head. You'll have to just wonder - what does she look like.


Here is the second quilt heading to Minnesota. Auntie Hazel's friend Jane was so nice and helped her redecorate in anticipation for her new quilt that I thougth she ought to have one of her own. I can see her snuggled on the sofa when it's snowing in June. Yes I said June.

Jane emailed when she received the quilt and loves the colors. Wonderful - I have to admit I wasn't too crazy about it till I started putting it together. When I was done it was hard to turn it loose.


WOw - I don't think I ever made anyone wait so long for a quilt. I started this in March and didn't finish till the end of July. This is my first attempt at machine applique. Not sure I'm crazy about it.

But it sure went to a good home in Minnesota. Not only did Ms. Hazel wait patiently but she repainted, refloored and redecorated her entire room to match the quilt. Heck she even claimed it was good work when she got it. Now that was being nice.


This is a quilt I finished in December 07. It was given to a wonderful lady as a reminder of comfort. She was having to give up her home and move to an assisted living facility. I hope this brings her some joy.