Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is a quilt top I just quilted for a friend. She did a beautiful job and the top measures around 86 x 105 - 8,804 square inches. She requested small curls allover so ended up over 2100 yards of thread. I am so mad when my new frame broke with only 2 rows left to go. Poor Shannon had to hold the rail in place for the last 30 minutes. Good thing the Grace Company is Fed Ex'ing a new piece today.

I have a few more works in progress so will be posting more soon. Seems like they are taking longer and longer to finish. The 2 new ones are ones I picked to work on my skills so they are going to be in progress for a while.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I forgot I did get one more baby quilt finished. Well it's for a baby but I can't say it's a baby quilt. They wanted football players. The fabric is kinda gray on gray footplayers so I added fabric with actual footballs. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but it was cute.


I did get 2 tops for Linda and two for Robin quilted this past 2 weeks. I also quilted one for myself but am not too happy with it. I decided to practice hearts and flowers and they aren't done too well so it kind of ruined the overall look of the quilt. It's a shame cause I really liked the quilt and was making it for me for the holidays. As soon as I add the binding I'll post a picture here.

I also have a soldier quilt due this week I haven't started and have several more planned. I better get these purses finished. They are fun to see how the colors work out though.


Here is bowtuck #7. Shannon has been driving me crazy for a halloween purse. She has this obsession with pumpkins so here it is. I can't believe how these purses are taking over my life. Linda wants another 3 to display in their auto shop. The boss wants one and Jean needs one for her sister in law. Oh yeah and a couple of the girls in Tuesday night group want one as well. These babies are getting expensive.


Linda went thru her stash and found some really pretty blue fabric with birds. So here is bow tuck #6. I think it came out really cute. She wants three more to put n their shop for sale.


I haven't gotten much in the line of quilting done lately cause everyone wants a bow tuck purse. These purses are just too cute. The ones attached here are parrots for me and a purple one as a pick me for Jean's friend. Her husband is battling cancer and she needed a little something to remind her we were thinking about her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jean's Purse

Of course once I finished those purses I realized Jean would want one so here is hers.

NEW PROJECTS - Bow Tuck Purse

This weekend I was going to quilt a top for a friend but she didn't bring enough batting and I couldn't decide what new project to start so I made a new purse for Shannon (daughter). Liked it so well I made one myself. Shannon's is the blue one. She wanted longer straps to carry across her chest and a smaller version. Mine is the shoe purse. I love them. Will be making more of these. Shannon usually doesn't like handmade things but has already picked out fabric for 2 or 3 more.


I've been a little busy around the house and quilting a couple of tops for friends but I finally got another one completed and out the door. This is for one of the ladies atmy son-in-laws office. I used the 3D pinwheels and it came out super cute.