Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well the sewing room came out so nice I decided to go ahead and do the front bedroom I moved to when kids moved next door.   First was the bed.  I've changed beds 3 times in 3 years since I got rid of my water bed and I hate them all.  So I blessed the new mattress I bought this year to someone else and ordered a new waterbed.  Figured if I'm going to paint I'll have to do it before they deliver as it's too hard to move even a softside.   So after 6 months of debating a color I set off to Lowe's in search of white.  Figured I would use white with white linens then make some quilted bed runners to color the room.

Well white quickly became Spiced Vinegar, don't ask, it just spoke to me.   I still debated but once it was finished I absolutely LOVE the color.  The room is so warm and soothing.  I painted the trim in "creamed butter".

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