Monday, March 25, 2013


I haven't gotten much finished yet this year although I have several started and planned.  Tax season and health issues have kept me busy but I'm working on some so when they are finished they will be posted.   This is the one I have finished this year.  I made this for my bed and finished it up the end of January.  Right as I was putting the final binding stitches my son-in law told me about a co-worker who was going to miss her missions trip as she didn't have the funds to go.  So I donated this quilt for her to raffle.  I sold tickets, she sold more at her church and was able to raise $450.  My friend Cindi won and I'll be delivering it tonight.  It really is a beautiful quilt.  I'll be making another for my bed.   Opps I did finish one other and gave to a client that was in the hospital but was a rush finish and I didn't get a picture