Monday, July 28, 2014


I have a client at our office that asked me months ago about making her a t-shirt quilt.  Then she ended up bringing me around 50 shirts so I had to  pick 12 to use.  

I'm not fond of t-shirt quilts as I feel they simply take too much time for the outcome.  They look like you just sewed 12 squares together which I guess you did but it's hours of prep on the shirts before you ever get that far.   Now that I finally have her's finished we're planning a second one in green.  I even got the shirts prepped over the weekend.  It was hard to decide what color to quilt it with.  I went with natural as the maroon thread matched the sashing but looked terrible on the t shirts.


This weekend I finally had time and felt well enough to sew.  I have so many pending and promised projects that I wonder if I'll ever be finished or at least caught up.   Here's a baby quilt for my son-in-law to give one of his co-workers.  Funny how people can pick out their own fabrics then once you make it the response is "wow that fabric is way too busy".  Hello you picked it out.  The front is a jelly race quilt and the back needed to be a little wider than what they brought me so I pieced a matching piece in the middle.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Wasn't feeling well yesterday after the doctor and decided to take a nap.  Woke up to find her sharing the pillow.   I have some quilts in the works so hopefully the pictures will be here soon.  Have to scrub the house this weekend but then it's back to sewing.


Well last week was Azeroth's (AKA little dog) first birthday.  Since he eats everything in sight he received a elk horn and a rubber bone for a gift.  We'll see how long those last.  Love that little dog but he is still crazy.  Here are his pictures, then and now.


I can't believe I've been gone from here for a month.  Right after finishing the bedroom I had so many plans and quilts I wanted to get finished.  However, the devil had other plans.  I got the flu July 5 and it really threw me for a loop health wise.  So I'm currently working on locating a new doctor to handle some medical issues but life as we know it should return to normal.

This week I did get a new kitty.  She is one of Shannon's outside colony but she fell a couple of weeks ago and seems to have caused some damage.  She couldn't walk right for a while and now that she's better in that area she stays away from siblings and seems very withdrawn and scared.   She almost acts like someone that's had a stroke.  So, I decided she wold become my new inside kitty.  She moved in Monday night.  Her name is Kil'jaden.  Here she is in all her glory.