Thursday, April 3, 2014


After 2 days of assembling the canopy, adding the furniture, etc. I mentioned to son-in-law I'd love a hammock.  So he hit the garage and went thru all his camping boxes.  Wow had a brand new hammock still in the box.  Now it's in the yard.  He also found a hammock chair so we'll add that once we get more rope.   So that's all I have to add for now.  Maybe more pic this weekend.  I need to get some quilting and mulch work done


I had 47 bags of mulch waiting to be spread in my spare time but the yard is under way.  This weekend son-in-law helped me put up the new canopy.  I was worried it was too large but I love it.  Then it looked sad with just my rattan bench so my ex offered up some patio furniture he doesn't use, a post for the pretty plant and Big Lots had a sale on cushions.  I want bigger cushions later but these were in the budget and will do for now.  Now I just need to do all the mulch work.


There sure haven't been many quilt pictures here lately.  But I just delivered this one for my bosses mom.  She has breast cancer and I thought she needed something bright.


I'm still not sure I have the living room the way I want it but I like it so far.  The chairs are one each side facing the TV then because the room is so long (29 feet), I set up a sitting area on the other end near the front window.  I moved my daybed into the room to use as a sofa.  Then I ordered some custom pillows made for it and they look great as well as add a little color to the room.  The seat part is tan at the moment only because I haven't had time to make the quilt for it.  It will have a black quilt with gold thread for the seat area.  I'm hoping it looks good with the pillows.   Here's a picture of the bed how it looks plain then with my pillows.  Hoping to make the seat quilt in next couple of weeks.  Oh those pillows are so much prettier in person


Here are the pictures of the sewing room.  I just got it all set up last week then I had to rearrange and make space for my total gym.  Ex-finance wants to rent out my back bedroom for a few months then once he's gone I'll move the gym and quilting stuff to that bedroom.   But I kinda of like having my sewing area towards the front of the house.  The house is laid out.  Well the cabinet pic came out sideways but you get the idea.

long and you can't hear anything way in the back.

More pictures

I guess I'll go ahead and put in several posts today while at lunch.    Here is the dining room.  I was hoping to do away with my long quilt frame but so far the budget hasn't allowed for one of the sit down models.    Maybe next year.  I can't decide if I want the dining room a warm gold color or if I want to add a chair rail and do the bottom red and the top half white.    I'

ll make up my mind after April 15.


It seems amazing that I used to blog so much and now months seem to go by.   I don't feel overly busy (except for tax season) so not sure why I'm so behind on my blog.  Any way here are some new pictures.   I took them with my camera and I can never figure out why some come out right side up and some sideways - oh well enjoy the show anyway.

Shannon and her husband have gotten all moved next door so I've been cleaning and rearranging the house.  Still need to paint 2 bedrooms and the dining room but I hate painting.  Mainly cause I'm terrible at it.    I did decide when I ordered their carpet that I would rather have carpet in my living room instead of the wood floors.  I know everyone loves wood and laminate but it's always dirty.  Much easier to vacuum.  So I ordered a color called coffee since I have green walls and brown, tan and black furniture.  Here's a shot of the new carpet.   And that;s my grandbaby dog hanging out on his chair.