Monday, November 18, 2013


This is one of the 3 I made for Kenetha to take for her friends in North Carolina.  She wanted something warm and fall looking.  The pumpkin fabric looked so nice in this quilt.  It's a card trick pattern.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Don't you just love making decisions.  I've been having problems with car transmission and finally decided before it dies completely to get it looked at.  Turns out not only transmission but shocks and struts are shot as well along with a few other items.  I can't complain that old girl is 9 years old and just hit 125,000 miles.  But looks like it's too expensive to fix.  Would be more than the value of the car so have to decide what to do.   Dang I need a second job now a days.


Well for some reason this quilt will only load sideways but at least I got the picture posted here.  That's a plus.  Just finished this up this week for my hairdresser as a Christmas gift.  His living room is gold, navy and green so hope this looks nice on the sofa.   It's a lovers knot block pattern from

Tomorrow I'm doing the binding on one I'm working on for a clients sister who is quite ill then I need to make one for my bed.  I gave mine to the stray kittens living in our backyard.  Used it to make them a little house sinvce the weather is cooling off.