Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Change

I changed the look of the blog. Hope it's a little classier.


By the way I did break my no buy while on vacation in May. I went to Rainbow's End but I was actually very conserative. I only bought a piece of lime I have been looking for a long time to make a lime and black quilt and a couple of other 1 yard pieces that were on sale for $5. Since all will go into a charity quilt and I used my vacation budget I think I'm okay with that.

And I'm getting ready to have some LARGE dental bills so staying on my no buy will be easy. The dentist will have all my money.

Look for some pictures next week. I was prepping for UFO day and realized I have 10 or 20.


It's hard to believe I had no quilt finished to post for May. However I did get 1 quilted for a Lakeland group of friends who wanted it for one of the members that had a stroke. We each made a part of the quilt. I did the center then quilted the finished top. It came out very nice.

I was also able to get one of my tops and two of Kathy's quilted. I'll post mine here as soon as I can get the binding added. I am trying to quilt some of the tops I have finished prior to moving on with new projects. However every time I try I realize I need another quilt instead of finishing those.

This week I finished and delivered one I needed for a baby shower and now I want to see if it's possible to make one for a member of our church before 4th July. Last July 4th I made one for the 3 active military church members but the one young man was deployed the week before July 4th so I missed him and donated his quilt. He is back this week so I wanted to see if I could get him one finished. We shall see. I also have a house warming gift overdue by a couple of months and a red/white & blue one I need to replace for someone in Minnesota as his quilt was lost in shipping. Funny with all t his to do and I haven't sewn in 2 weeks.

As soon as I get a picture of the baby quilt I'll post it here.