Friday, January 7, 2011


Here is my backyard mulched. What a difference. I can't wait to touch up he step by the door and paint the concrete slab. It will look really nice then. I am highly favored and truly blessed.


Seems like my newest quilts are longer and longer between posting them. If I wait and post them when they are completely finished it gives me a record of when they were done. This is one called Slide Show. I really loved the pattern.

Shannon wanted a quilt for a friend done in purples and oranges. I used as many shades of purple and orange as I could but I also added in several shades of green. The batiks are all leftovers of my Prism quilt which I'll post next week as soon as I get if quilted.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The landscaper (Kyle by the way) said as he cleaned up and started grading the yard he found more and more stuff buried. Wanted to know what kind of nuts buried drywall, bricks, boards, etc. He said if he finds a body he's not taking it. This is what he found clean and grading just the back yard. He certanly earned his money today. I wonder if my backyard is just one giant hole now. He'll be back tomorrow to put down the mulch.


Just a couple more pictures of the back yard. I can't wait to see it cleaned up.


Ok my budget said do the yard in a few months but with the backyard just black dirt and it coming in windows when open or as mud when it rains I can't stand it any more. I finally bit the bullet and hired a landscaper to at least get started a little at a time. Here's what the backyard looked like today before he started. I was using the patio furniture to cover the little stumps they left all over yard and I kept falling over.