Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'll try to post as I get them done but I have so many more promised I don't know how I'll finish them all. I need to send 2 to Indiana for Christmas, finish the second raffle quilt, one to Minnesota for Josh, the bench quilt for Christmas photos and my quilted tablecloth.

Guess I better get in gear and get some started. This week I'm trying to finished Jessica's baby quilt and quilt a couple of tops for Kathy.


Here is the second one out the door this week. I think I posted the top but now it's basted, quilted and bound. I took it to Fed Ex and it's on its way to Minnesota as I type. Ms. Hazel will be taking it as a gift for her sister Bert. She leaves October 5 so looks like it will arrive just in time.

This one is a tumbler block done in blue and white. I added some yellow to brighten it up a bit. Came out very nice.


I was finally able to get 2 more quilts finished and out the door this week. One has been finished for a while except the binding. But this week it found a new home so I finished it up and sent it along it's way. I've probably posted it here before but here it is again. It's my Citrus Bento.

I sent it to my brother-in-laws brother who is paralyzed and has trouble sleeping. He has to sleep in a recliner instead of bed so this should make him feel a bit better - or at this a lot brighter. Ha-Ha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally a Picture

Ok here's one I finally have done. This is one of the two I will be donating to church to raffle. We are having a ladies dessert in December and having the raffle that night. Hope it brings a lot of ticket sales for the benevolence fund. I'll post the other as soon as I'm finished.

Sorry my photo taking isn't as good as my quilting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I planned to raffle 2 quilts at out ladies benevolence fundraiser in December. I had an idea but haven't asked our pastor yet as I can't decide how I feel. I was thinking of offering raffle tickets for one of the quilts to just the ladies attending that evening and the second one maybe offering tickets via a flyer at church, on the event blog site, word of mouth and at the event.

I thought of the idea as we only have seating during the event for 80 women including hostesses. Therefore you limit your ticket sales to 80 women. So if we had one that was offered at the event as well as outside the event we could possibly increase our ticket sales quite a bit. But then I wondere if the ladies would be upset if the winner drawn was someone not present at the event.

So what does everyone else think?


As you know I messed up the fabrics for the magic tile I wanted to raffle. But last night I decided to use some of them for a Christmas gift anyway. I only messed up 2 blocks so I think I'll still take 9 of them, put them together then add 2 borders to make it large enough. Then maybe I'll take that one leftover 10th block and make it into a tote bag. Who knows.

In the long run it worked out well. I decided to auction off two quilts since people have such varied taste. I did one all in browns/reds/greens and one pink/burgandy/black. The brown one I finished last night so I'll post a picture asap. Both are stunning but the pink/black one I had to pray hard to give that up for a raffle. It should be finished by weekend so I'll post it as soon as done also.

September 15, 2009

I know what you're thinking, she hasn't posted anything in forever. What's she doing just sitting on her butt? Just been a little under the weather then a little busy but I should have 2 new and one finished quilt to post asap. I just finished the binding on one last night and hope to finish the binding on the second by tomorrow. I'll post the finished one tonight.

The finished one is the blue and white top I posted here that needs to be basted and quilted. That's going to Minnesota and I have a baby quilt that need to be basted. Hopefully those will be ready next week. I need to get that to Minnesota before 10/5.