Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I wanted to make quilts for some family friends for some time now.  After I finished the ladies dessert donation quilts I finally had time to do that.  I can't wait to deliver these to their new home.  The Slideshow is a simple pattern I've always liked.  It's a little time consuming but very pretty in any color.   I made the white first then tried to decide what to do for the husband.  I decided to make the same pattern in black and wow was I glad.  They are both beautiful but dark, bold colors are my favorite.   I hope they love em.    The camera did not do them justice. Oh and they both have my new signature pieced backs.

Next are the door prizes for the dessert then back to some charity quilts for local guild.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Once again I'm hosting a double table for the Faith Life ladies dessert this year and I agreed to donate 2 quilts for the raffle again.  I liked the bento so well that I redid that in Christmas colors and then the other is my design using different blocks with the same colors repeated throughout.  The picture did not do that one justice.  The gold fabric in it is beautiful.  I hated cutting it up.   Both of these will be raffled at the dessert.

Shop Sample #2

This is the tile one I did as a shop sample for Inspire in Plant City.  Colors aren't my usual style but hte ladies had this pretty line of fabric they wanted to showcase.  If you love pink this is for you.


Those few of you that follow my blog probably wonder if I've finished anything since the ALS quilts back in July.  I was beginning to think I never would then I checked here and I did finsh a few.  The pink & white swap quilt and the veggie tiles for my table are finished and posted.  I also managed to piece a couple of tops as samples for the new quilt shop in Plant City.  Here's the bento box I did for a shop sample.  Although it's not quilted I count it as done because I'm not quilting the samples.  They'll have to handle that on their own.   I really liked this pattern after I did that one for ALS.