Monday, September 30, 2013


I have 4 tops finished and now I'm piecing the backs.  Hopeflly I'll have some finished projects to post here soon.  I was glad to finally get the raffle quilt finished.  Now to finish off the 2 for my friend Kenetha, 2 for the church raffle, 1 for Tonya, 1 for Suzanne and one for a young girl having a baby.  Then I'm all caught up again. 


Well I still have to add the binding so it's not technically finished but I'm posting this anyway.  This is a door hanging I'm making for Karen for Halloween.  Made the same one for me yesteray but used a pumpkin border.  I will hopefully finish them up this week and get hers in the mail to her and mine on the door.   Most people so far have missed the Wizard of Oz reference.  Don't understand how you can miss it nad if you do, it's just not funny. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


If the new puppy was black I'd have the perfect Toto for my basket


I almost forgot to post the final pics of my pimped out bike.  She's ready to roll.  Her upgrades include:

leopard print seat and handle grips, front toto basket and rear shopping baskets. I took her to the quilt store Saturday.

What I've Finished in 2013 Without Buying Fabric

The pictures are all here on my blog but I decided to look at what, if anything, I finished this year without buying fabric.

There's a Riley Blake finished that used up a lot of scraps - total bought = zero
I made a pinwheel quilt for Bobbie and only had to buy 1 yard for the borders
We have the "presidential" carpenter star and all I bought was the panel for the backing - the rest was stash
I made a floral Magic Tile and only purchased the border fabric in 2013
And the Suzette pattern - kinda counts as I bought the fabric in Dec 2012
Next was the black and batik Slide Show - 100% stash
The Christmas Log cabin - sorry that doesn't make the list - I bought all of that in 2013
My Christmas Churn Dash is the same - all that was bought in 2013
The Noah's Arc baby quilt - nope bought in 2013
My white and batik Slide Show - all stash except a yard for the border
Yellow Evening Star for the missions raffle - half bought in 2013 would be fair to say
The purple Evening Star is 100% stash
Kenetha's batik dresden was all from my stash

Wow I'm making a bigger dent in that stash than I thought.  I also donated a huge comforter bag of quilt fabric to a teacher for an art class.  How come that stash isn't getting any smaller.

Well there is nothing exciting to ramble on about my weekend.  It was relaxing and quiet.  Exactly what was needed.  I have a couple of quilt tops finished and I just need to make the backing.

I was surprised that I pulled out patterns and fabrics I've had forever.  There is a BQ2 that I planned years ago and the top is now done.  There's a contra dance that has had the pattern and fabric in a bag for a few years and that's done.  There is some lovely rose fabric I bought in Blue Ridge, GA 3 or 4 years ago that is now a quilt top and it includes a fabric I bought almost 10 years ago in Paducha, KY.  Finally using some of those hoarded fabrics.   Sunday night I started a card trick from some prints that I've had a few years also. Wonder why I always go to the new stuff rather than use those saved yards since they are already planned, packaged, etc?   Guess its something quilters never figure out.

But I'm on a quest to use what I have on hand.  I've even stuck with making the backs in patchwork so I use up small pieces.

Friday, September 13, 2013

My rant for the Day

Tractors.  Who told these men that tractors were road vehicles?  If you've been stuck behind one heading to work, you know what I mean.

Lets look at the situation.  They have no tag which means there are not street legal.  You or I would receive a ticket.  They take up over the given lane with attachments on, so passing them is next to impossible even assuming no other traffic was on the road, and they get up to a mean 10-12 miles per hour, down hill.  Have you driven anywhere and seen a 12 mile an hour speed limit?  The ones I see weekly in Plant City are on a highway clearly marked 55 miles per hour.  Did you know if you drive more than 15 miles under the posted limit you can get a ticket for obstructing traffic?  However buy a tractor and you can go virtually anywhere, drive as slow as you like, tie up miles of traffic and it requires no drivers licence or vehicle tag.    And I have noticed the farmers never seem to need to take the tractor anywhere except during morning or evening rush hour.  Besides I've always wondered, wouldn't you buy it to you on your farm?  If so where are you driving it to?

My thoughts - I could sell my Hyundai, cancel that pesky, expensive auto insurance and that $100 a year tag and buy me a tractor.  I bet those little John Deer's might get up to 15 miles per hour.  I'll check into the rain situation and give it some thought.  Be blessed.  I've rambled enough for one day.

Ever end a day knowing that you'll probably ramble on about nothing.  Tidbits for today perhaps?

Did you know that if you put a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the microwave for 11 seconds (10 or 12 doesn't work) that you get the exact texture and temp as a "hot now" doughnut?   It took me a long time to get the exact time right.  If you don't live where they sell Krispy Kreme you have no idea what your life has been missing.

Krispy Kreme is such a fond childhood memory of mine.  Growing up in south Tampa gave me the benefit of walking several blocks and finding the original Krispy Kreme bakery.  I don't think back in those days they had the variety they have now, but I honestly don't think I ate any type of doughnut other than glazed until I was grown.  While the variety is nice for most, I'll always be a glazed doughnut kinda of girl.

If those glazed covered circles of heaven weren't your taste, a walk several blocks in the other direction found you inside the Krystal Burger joint.  A friend told me the other day that Krystal burgers are the same as the frozen White Castle.  We aren't friends anymore - you gotta draw a line somewhere.  While I've now hit 50, and kept going, I can honestly still say Krystal and Krispy Kreme are 2 of the most amazing things to eat.  People the country over have tried to figure out how to duplicate that tiny burger of goodness, but why, there's a restaurant that makes them.  And guess what - they make them, are you ready, . . . . 24 HOURS A DAY.    Take a sliver of greasy beef, layer on some dehydrated onions, a pickle and the bun top then slide it onto the bottom bun with a dab of mustard.  This side of heaven it might be the best thing ever tasted.

So take the time today and stop, relax and focus on a couple of the childhood memories that you still enjoy today.  I just did.  Now I'm off to the mircowave, boss brought in Krispy Kreme today.


Here's a sneak peek at the one in progress.  It's the one I raffled to pay for the bike equipment for Wanda and Rene.  Hope to finish it this weekend and send it Romaine who has waited so patiently for it. 


Thought since it's lunch time I'd post all my latest news at one time - As you saw from my pimp my bike series, I have gone back to riding with some neighbor ladies.  Well neither had bikes so I decided to raffle off a new quilt I'm making and see if I could find them some second hand bikes in good condition.  Just so happens that a friend donated 2 bikes she no longer used and I was able to use the raffle money to get them head and tail lights, computers, water bottles, etc. for both bikes.  Even had enough left over for the new seat on my Townie bike.  Sorry this pic is sidways but here is Wanda's new bike.
Here's the newest addition to our home.  I promised Itty she would be my last cat but I missed having a pet around (Shannon's cat isn't very friendly) so I opted for a puppy.  Not sure what made me pick a pomeranian except my son in law always wanted one.  He is cute as a button and only weighs in at 1.5 pounds at 6 weeks old.    Shannon and Robert take care of him most of the time and I think will bond with him more.  But I'll still lavish the love on him.  How can you not - just look at that little heap. 

Finally a Post - But Sad News

Finally I get around to adding to my blog and it's sad news.  I lost little Itty Bitty 3 weeks ago.  She may have had a rough start in life but I know her last 14 years were comfortable and she was loved.  I knew she would pass one day since she was well over 20 but I lmiss that little cat.  The vet did place her ashes in a lovely wooden box and the girls even had her name engraved on it.