Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday - 2/18/09

Just thought I'd post an update. I just finished the top of my Weaver Fever and an oriental Puzzle Box for Holly (another Minnesota quilt) which I'll start quilting this week. Look for the photo's soon. I've also decided it's time to quilt my batik crazy curve quilt. Look for that and new and excititng things for 2009.

After that I'll get my February comfort quilt ready and then I'm planning on making the quilts for my sofa. Busy, busy, busy. It's not really work though as I love it.

RUBBER DUCKIE - #2 for 2009

Here's the second finished quilt for 2009. This was was also started back in November 2008 for Amy's baby shower. Boy everything that could go wrong did. I think I cut the fabric wrong twice. I finally ended up just working with the miscut pieces. I think it turned out quit nice after all. I called it Rubber Ducky. There is no pattern name as it's my own design. Picture is a little hard to see but you can click on it and open a bigger view.