Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our church has 2 young people active in the military and I wanted to try and honor them on July 4th. I got the idea from a Quilts of Valor website. Kinda leaves me in crunch time since it's June 10th but lets see how it goes. One is a man so I went traditional and the other a new mom so while I used red/white and blue I bought tone on tone red and blue with small flowers so she'll have something a little more feminine. In the military I don't suppose you get a lot of that.
Here's a picture of what I started last night for Michael. I'll post the finished top once I have it done and Gina's once I decide what to do with her's.


I've finally finished the top of the quilt for Houston. He leaves for the Persian Gulf this month and I wanted to make sure he got it before he leaves. I guess I better get busy this week and get it quilted and the binding put on.

It's not exactly what I wanted but I just couldn't find a pattern I really loved for him. But I think it turned out nice and looks very masculine.


I was told yesterday that a friend was in the fabric store and saw they had Obama fabric. Well I never knew the fabric companies made presidential fabrics. What a neat idea for a quilt. So last night after my fellow quilters left I researched the internet to see what I could find. I was amazed. Apparently they don't make presidential fabric or at least I couldn't find any but Obama. WHAT's THAT ABOUT?

Out of all the amazing accomplishments our many presidents have made were none worthy of commemorating in fabric except one who has been in office less than 6 months and honestly has achieved nothing close to his predecessors so far. Washington was our 1st president as a nation, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Andrew Johnson while not good was our first impeached president, Lincoln ended slavery, Wilson was the first to ever speak to the nation over the radio, Roosevelt was an amazing example of our military. These are just a small few off the top of my head.The list goes on and on yet the only fabric I found was Obama. Politics aside - party affiliation aside - you have to ask why and no matter who you are the answer is just sad. As a nation we choose to make heroes where they don't exist. Here's a simple man that ran for president and won. I believe 43 have come before him that did the same thing. Many of those 43 made amazing contributions to our country and the fabric companies choose to finally print a line of the one that referred to Americans as arrogant and so far accomplished little more than being elected. I'LL DEFINITELY WATCH WHAT MANUFACTURERS I BUY NOW.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Checking In

Wow, I can't believe it's 1/3rd of the way into June and not one single post. Not quilting as much as I should but last night I finished the top of the patriotic quilt I was making for Houston. I think he leaves for the Persian Gulf the end of the month so I better get in gear and get that quilted this week. Today is only Tuesdy so maybe I can drop it off to his mom this weekend.

Our church usually honors our active military on July 4th weekend so I was kinda hoping I could make lap quilts for the two or three in our church that are actively serving right now. Since it's June 9 and I've one to finish we'll see how that goes.

I'll post a pic of Houston's quilt this week after it's finished. have a blessed week.