Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well, I'm on a rant today.  I am just finishing up a quilt for my daugher's friend and planning on starting the cutting for a dresden bloom for a friend.  Thought in the mean time, I need to start deciding what I want for my new bed.  From previous posts you'll see I tossed the memeory foam and decided on a pretty daybed for my room.  This way it can be twin size or king if I want.  Since I'm single right now the twin is good sized and allowed me to buy a GOOD quality mattress.

There are a lot of daybed ideas on apartmenttherapy.com since most people are posting small space questions and ideas.  So, I posted for comments on daybed coverings and was floored how many people commented how crazy it was to buy a daybed to sleep on every day.  Who says they are for guests use only?  If they are uncomfortable it's becuase you bought a cheap, crappy mattress.  Mine sleeps very nicely as a twin and I've ordered a "bed doubler" which makes it a perfectly comfortable king bed, assuming you purchased 2 good quality mattresses. 

So haters, keep your comments to yourself and smile more.  It was easy to tell even in writing your unhappy people.  What does the size of the room matter for what bed you buy?  Who ever heard of a bed being too small for a room.


I delivered the eagle red white and blue quilt last Friday and it just warmed my heart.  I made it for a client that comes in couple times a year and is just such a sweet old man.  He loved it.  He called his kids and they were coming down this weekend to see him with it.  Never have I seen anyone so proud of something.  I am thrilled I made it for him.  And I had no idea he is 92.  He said with all the gold fabric it looked like something you would give the president.  What a thrill to bless someone that much.

Monday, June 17, 2013


It's been a long time since I was excited to get one finished and see the final look.  I started this in May and wanted to see what it would look like finished so worked all weekend.  Wasn't sure I really liked the backgroud blue but it came out nice, I think.  The eagle on the back is a panel I bought few months back and I love it here. 


Well finally pictures.  This is one I started few months ago just haven't been able to finish due to time and machine issues.   It goes to one of the ladies at church.  Hope she likes it enough to make it worth waiting for.  It was a little pastel for me but the teal sashing just made it so much brighter.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ms. Evelyn's Ready to Deliver

Finally something finished enough to go out the door.  Ms. Evelyn was one of two hostesses that won the drawing at the ladies dessert fundraiser at Faith Life Church in December.   The fundraiser brings in money for the church benevolence fund and each year I donate two quilts to raffle off at the dessert.  In 2011,

I started picking one hostess volunteer and making one for her also.  Ms. Evelyn won in December and has been waiting patiently for me to finish.  Since her table had a co-hostess I am making one for Bobbie as well.  Should be finished this week.   Here is Ms. Evelyn's.  A Suzette pattern done in her favorite blue.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Well it's been a while since I had quilts finished but I have one done and one other almost out the door.  With my neck and shoulder out of whack and the machine issues, I guess I'm in slow gear.  Ms. Evelyn's quilt (Suzette pattern) was finished last night and Ms. Bobbie's (scrappy one) will be done by tomorrow night.  I'll post the pics asap.

The Juki tech mounted the new 2010 on my frame and I'm working on backing for 2 more then I can pin one on and test it out.  Supposed to be all set and ready to go.  I have a carpenter star in red, white & blues and an Evening Star in purples that just need backing made.  Then I'm off to make Jessica's baby quilt (he's 6 months old now) then a dresden bloom for a friend. 

Doctor says lay off using rulers and cutters for a while but I have way too much fabric to quit now.  I need and assistnat to cut patterns for me.  Know anyone that wants free quilt lessons in exchange for cutting mine?  LOL wouldn't that be awesome.


Well the Juki repairman actually did come Saturday.  He looked over the Exceed I sent him for repair and found the knife shaft was stuck.   He agreed I would be a perfect machine tester as it's a part that rarely fails.  He not only fixed it but showed me how to do it also.  Worked out great because I started sewing after he left and about the 5th time I cut the thread the knift shaft stuck again.  Took me a 9pm trip to Kmart for some metric allen wrenches and about 30minutes to dismantle the machine but da da da . . it is repaired.  Scary part is he says if happens again he'll email me how to replace the cam shaft.  Say what?  I don't think I'm that mechanically inclined and not something I want to attempt.  If it fails again I think I'll just dismantle the shaft, repair it nad not use the thread cutter again.  No way on removing cam shafts.

He worked on the 2000q for several minutes and said it has too many issues so he removed it from the frame, packed it up and took it to GA with him to try and repair.  If he can, I'm selling it.   Will be factory repaired and working perfectly but it's dead to me.  That and I bought it's replacement already. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I think I posted about having to send my 6 month old electronic juki to Georgia for a dismantle repair.  Repair is free but still costs $80 to ship it.  It came back just in time to take on vacation. When I returned, the repair shop emailed to ask how everything was.  Told them great but the thread cutter came back not working.  Decided I'd live with it rather than pay to ship it again.

Out of the blue Monday I get an email from the man asking if he can stop at my house on Saturday and repair it.  Says he's at Juki America all week and would stop on his way back to Georgia Saturday as he was coming up I-75.    You can bet I'm gonna just happen to have the non-working 2000Q sitting out.  Maybe he'd like to look it over and save me sending it back to the dealer in Utah to be repaired. 

No quilts ready

No quilts ready as it's been a busy week so just thought I'd post a rambling instead.  Decided I'd try a glass of wine each night and see if that helped me relax my neck enough to sleep and doc says it will help my "little high" chlosterol.  So now to find a wine I like - never was much of a wine drinker.  Luckily I have friends that are, so whatever I don't like I can pass along to them and it's not wasted. 

A friend recommend Nakedwines.com.  You get a great price, can see other members reviews and they deliver right to your door.  Gotta love that.  Arrived yesterday and I decided to try the Fletcher Shiraz.  Discovered that one to be a bit astringent and dry for my taste so I'll pass it along to Karen.  Gonna try a white tonight and see how I like that.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I was hoping to have more quilts finished but the juki on my frame has finally bit the dust.  It just won't sew at all anymore and I have no idea why.  So after a weekend for debating and yelling at it, I ordered the juki 2010.   I may end up in the poor house over these machines. 

At least it was nice to know the problem wasn't just me.  The dealer said many people have issues with the 2000q.  But I did get him to throw in extra bobbins, free shipping, $100 off coupon and he will repair the old one for free.  Doubts it will ever do the free motion quilting correctly as it has tension/timing issues but it will make a nice back up machine when my regular piecing one has to go into the shop.

Spent the weekend working on tops so I could have them ready to go once it arrives.  I one on the frame now and 2 ready to make the backing.   Think I'll work on the backing this week.


I realized this weekend that I don't blog near as much as I used to.  Guess I need to gt back in the swing of things. Need to remember that this includes ramblings, not just quilts.  So here I am to ramble.  I decided the memory foam bed had to go so last week I looked and looked for something better that would allow me to sleep.  I finally found a day bed on Craigslist that I loved.  I never thought I'd like a twin bed but it has a pop up that allows it to be made into a king size if I want to do that at anytime also.  Then it was off to Badcock's and bought 2 new twin mattresses for it.  OMGosh they are so comfortable.

This picture is from the internet so the bedding shown is not mine - just the bed.