Monday, October 28, 2013


My friend Kenetha asked me about some quilts in fall colors for some friends in North Carolina.  This is the first of the three I'm making for her.  It's a BQ2 pattern and I think it's probably one of the first patterns I ever bought and I've had this fabric put in a project bag with the pattern forever.  I really love the tiger lily blocks.

So that ends what I have ready to roll.  I have 3 morne that just need binding then I want to get one finished for my hairdresser before Christmas. 

Here's another that has no name but is finished.

This quilt pattern doesn't have a name.  Tanya wanted one for a granddaughter that loves picking flowers so I used this fabric.  It's one I bought a while back in Blue Ridge, GA and wasn't sure what to make with it so I ended up cutting out the flowers and adding 2 sashings to the blocks.  Very girly, thats for sure.


I made this quilt for Suzanne's grandbaby as a Chrsitmas gift from grandma.  It's my own design.  She loves pink but I can't do just floral so I added the same floral only with a black background in a couple of corners with a flaying geese.  The pinwheels and flying geese are all 3-d.  I think it came out very pretty.

Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures

I finally finished my Halloween door hangings.  One is for me and one for Karen.  No one got the Wizard of Oz reference.  Remember the house fell on her sister and all that stuck out was the shoes.  Oh well I love it. 

Monday, October 14, 2013


So Friday evening I was sitting in the yard as I usually do and my neighbor and her beau walked over.  I said I was trying to figure a way to burn those trees without going to jail.  If I prune them they double in size, if I cut them down several spawn - they are like trees from hell.  He asked why I'd want to cut a Joshua tree (variety of yucca) instead of shuck it?  Wait, what - there was an alternative?  Turns out her beau studied horticulture and knew all about these trees.  They were right, the more I cut them, the more they branched out with new limbs - you have to shuck the razor like leaves off and shape the tree that way.  It took 20+ large yard bags but he shucked all my trees and I love them.   I'm going to mulch around them this week with that pretty red mulch.


These are my yucca trees.  The top picture is what they looked like when I bought the house.  I took picture in January 2011.  The trees looked to be falling over and then I realized the prior owner had them wired to stop them falling over.  They were little plants about a foot high near the ground with 8-12 foot trees growing out of the center.  I contacted a nursery and was told you are supposed to trim back the bud stalk after they bloom but these were left too long so needed to be cut back completely.  I did that and 2 years later they just exploded.  The plant itself went from about 1-2 foot to about 7 foot tall and 4-5 feet wide and I have around 10 trees.  This is the bottom picture and I HATE those buses.  They are gangley, as sharp as razor blades, attract wasps and are ugly.   I set off to trim them and that was a mistake.  See part 2 of the Yucca saga.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So another week of thoughts, ramblings and life in general.  You know people always tell me "you do too much, you're too nice".  Is that really possible? 

I guess I've never understood that cause when you have relationships and friends aren't you supposed to do what you can to help them, bless them, make life easier, whatever?   Joyce Meyers once said don't bless people when God tells you to, bless them unless he tells you not to.  But lately I am learning that if you put yourself out there and work hard to build relationships, yes you really can do too much as it affects future relationships. If you do what you can to bless people and then the friendships or relationships fall by the way side through no fault of yours, you will always think "I'm not helping anyone again" so are we better to not lend a hand, loan a dollar or otherwise give of ourselves?

How do you resolve this in your life?  I have people I have said here take this and pay me whenever and never gotten paid, so do you not help the next one that needs a little time to pay?  I have "firneds" I only see when I call and say how about dinner, my treat.  Yet, the phone rarely rings and when it does I hear can you do me a favor.  Of course I don't mind but is that a friendship or someone that sees you as a source?  I have people in my life that I do all I can to make life better.  Maybe that isn't much but it's all I can do whether it's provide a meal, help with the housework, do your taxes, loan a computer or simply be there when the phone rings yet there are a few of them that I have begun to realize are simply aquaintances, not friends.  

So do you have a friend you've put aside cause of more important things or life got busy?  Call them today and remind them how important they are in your life.  One day you will wake up and they will be gone and you had no time to tell them that.

So that concludes this weeks ramblings.  See you all soon.


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