Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Here are some other pictures of the beautiful cards Nancy made me.  I can't wait to make someone a quilt so I can use a card.



I've finally finished t-shirt quilt #2 or as the soon to be new owner calls it, the green one.  I don't know that I'm too crazy about making t-shirt quilts but she certainly will be happy.  She's traveled so many places and just kept the shirts in a bag.  This way she can enjoy some of them.   I'll post the blue one soon as it's finished.  She wants to pick them all up Friday so I only have 2 nights to finish that binding.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Well Romaine wasn't able to join us but Debbie and Matt came for Sunday luncheon.  Menu was lasagna,  Caesar salad, garlic bread, iced tea and chocolate cake.  Had an amazing time. Matt is such a nice young man and is also my new golf instructor.


My bargello is finished.  It will hang on the wall behind the table with the red chairs.  It's the only quilt I eve had professionally quilted by a longarmer.   Last night I finished the final hand binding and now to figure out how to hang it on the concrete wall.  I really do love this pattern


Wow I go from no posts to several.  Saturday I got to visit Nancy and Kerry who I consider to be my "other" parents.  Shannon even had a Saturday off for the first time in almost 2 years so she got to go also.  What wonderful people.  I simply can't say enough about them except I wish life was easier for them right now.

While I was there Nancy blessed me with some of her handmade cards.  They are cards made to include when I gift a quilt and I love them.  What an amazing blessing not only to me but the people that get them.  Here's one of them.  Isn't it beautiful.  Sorry the pic is sideways.  Every time I use my phone camera they do that and won't let me rotate.


Last week the lavender room I just repainted became my spare bedroom.  I added the day bed from the living room but the pillows didn't match.  Since they were so expensive I hated buying new ones so I found a no sew pillow idea.  Underneath they are still the gold and black ones but this lets me use a yard of fabric to recover without sewing and I can change the color anytime I like without more work.


Now that the Dd has moved to her own home, I've been trying since March to decide what and how I want to decorate my house.  It's something I have no talent with.  That 29 foot living room just doesn't look right no matter what I do.  It's all a lot of empty space that looks like a flea market find.  So here it is finished.  I decided to make a living room/dining room combo which is how the house was originally built before the add on's.  It allowed me to make the dining room into my quilt room and the sewing room into an actual spare bedroom.   I really like the new look and all I had to add was a new love seat.  I just finished the quilt that will go on the wall behind the dining table so I hope to get that hung soon.  Not sure why the carpet always looks purple but it's actually chocolate.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I finally have something done.  The picture isn't all that good but Dave's is finished and in the mail.  I've never met him but Dave is a member of our on-line quilt group.  As quilters when we hear about friends having problems like sickness, divorce, babies, etc. we immediately grab our fabric and think comfort quilt.  I noticed that we never think to do that if it's a fellow quilter.  So I heard thru the group that Dave was dealing with some overwhelming health issues and I decided to make him a prayer quilt.  So it's on the way and I'll be asking the prayer group to pray over him as he receives it.