Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night I finished the binding on the newest one.  Bosses mother in law has to move to assisted living so I wanted to make her something to give her the feel of being in her own space.  These are some florals I been collecting and not sure why as I'm not a floral person.  I wanted something feminine yet bright so I added the fushia grout.  It's much prettier in person than my pictures.  Cameras are not my friend - LOL.  Anyway I hope she lies it.  I love the magic tile pattern. 

I also got 3 of Linda's tops quilted and have one more of hers and a couple of mine and the tops are all caught up. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well there are no photo's but a lot of frustration.   My 6 month old Juki Exceed arrived home last week after it's massive repair - thankfully a warranty item.  Now it sews, but the automatic thread cutter no longer works.  I'm seriously thinking I'll have to retract my recommendation of the juki machines.

The 98-TLQ was a great machine.  The ones since then just seem to be far less reliable.  The 2000Q on my frame has become a nightmare.  Since the thread take up lever was replaced, it is just a mess.   After trying 4 bobbins, second bobbin casing, 3 different needles, 2 different needle manufacturers, 5 different weight threads by 5 different companies, still won't sew more than 10 stitches without skipping stitches and thread breaking.  I actually put the bobbin in backwards and it sews a lot better.

Sewing tech said Sunday, timing is off and doesn't feel machine warrants repair.  So time to save for a replacement machine.   I think I may go with a Bailey since it fits my existing machine. 


Got back from the mini quilt retreat vacation and found my daughter and son-in-law redid the walk way to my front door.  What an awesome mother's day gift.  Sure made the front look nice.  I'll post a picture of hte little stone patio he put at the back door soon as I take one.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Now that the juki I use for my frame is repaired (or at least as good as it's going to be) I have a few more waiting to be quilted.  I'll also be on a week long quilt retreat next week so hope to get more ready to be quilted when I get home. 


This quilt was finished last weekend for Linda.  She will be joining us on our annual quilt retreat and we'll be using her house in Port Charlotte as well.  These ladies were so kind to open their homes to us and I wanted to make them something special.  I never cared much for the log cabin but after seeing the fat quarters with all the gold highlights I decided to do that and once I found this layout - I was stunned how pretty this came out.  It's sooo much nicer in person than the picture.


Here is hte backing of Marilyn's and LInda's.  I used the left over Christmas prints.  8" sqaures seem to be the perfect size for me.  It's a little more work than plain backing but I love the look.  These areso much prettier in person.  All the fabrics have the gold highlights I love so well.


I just finished Marilyn's quilt Tuesday night.  She was gracious enough to offer to let us use her home in Port Charlotte next week for our annual quilt retreat.  She loves civil war quilts
but I figured she probably had a ton of civil war fabrics so I used Christmas fabrics and a civil war pattern to make her a holiday quilt.  I think she liked it.


I can't believe I've had nothing to add for months.  Couple of heath things bothering me this year and tax season really took a toll on me this year.  Once you combine that with my FMQ juki breaking and having to wait for parts from Japan along with the new machine dying and having to be shipped back to GA to get repaired, I think I actually have quite a bit done.   Here is one I finished in March.  It's just a lap quilt I did with scraps.  It went to a client I'me very fond of that was in the hospital for quite a while.  I just send em where God says they need to go.  This is before it was quilted but I didn't get an after picture.