Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2 New Cousins

Clinton's 2 daughters are just the nicest ladies.  Alayanna came to meet us but her sister lives in GA.  Here are the quilts I made for them.   The peacock was made to hang on the wall in her sisters peacock room.

New Uncle Clinton

My dad's brother is Clinton.  What a warm, sweet and charming man.    Couldn't wait to write him as soon as I got home.  Here is his batik log cabin.

2 New Aunts

These 2 were for the other aunts, Phayla and Maxine.  Both such warm, pleasant ladies.   Very welcoming.

Quilts for Family

Part of our vacation was to meet my dad's family.  I have never seen him since I was 3 so was a little worried about meeting family that never knew you existed.  They were simply awesome.  Can't wait to keep in touch.  Here are the 2 quilts for my Aunt Bonnie and husband Jack.  Same pattern just different stitching.


Debbie meets Salvage Dawg

While we were on vacation Debbie got to visit the place from her favorite TV show, Salvage Dawgs.  Just so happened big dog Mike was there and she got a picture.  She was in heaven to say the least.

Visiting Ohio

May was an awesome month.  Debbie and I made the trip to Ohio to meet my newly found sister.  Jill and her hubby Mark turned out to be some of the sweetest people you could hope to know.  To find out that you are related to her is nothing short of a blessing.  Isn't she just cute as a bug.