Monday, November 21, 2011


Last night I finally finished the diamond jubilee bargello for my bedroom. I couldn't get a full picture of it on the bed so I'm posting a picture of it full view prior to quilting and another one of it laying on the bed. When I get home I'm gonna add the matching pillow cases a friend made me and then I'll post the whole thing. It really came out pretty.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is Henrietta. At least that's what I named her cause well, cause she's a hen. We have wild chickens and roosters roaming Zhills. Each monring and evening they come in a flock down the street looking for crumbs, worms, whatever. Well I think Henrietta belongs to a neighbor but she comes everytime she hears the car for her crackers. I used to give her bread but one day I was out and gave her ritz crackers. Now she'll jump you if she sees the package. Ritz could use this baby in a commercial.

She'll even hop in the car if you open the door and she thinks you have her crackers.


Here are two more items that are finished from my project list and have gone out to their new moms. On the left is a bow tuck purse for Kathleen. She said anything paisley and I thought the red and green was pretty together. She loves it.

On the right is a Christmas stocking that I just finished for a swap with my Austrailian online quilt group. It's big but it came out very nice.


I was also able to finish my required tote bag for the friendship swap in my online group. The deadline was 11/15 and amazingly I sent mine out 11/8. Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of it. Oh well I still get credit.


On the left is a purse I did for an online swap where we could make something for a fellow quilter. This is one of the Lorilee fabrics and the designs are all sewing items. My partner said she loved. I received a very pretty cotton jacket.

The purse on the right is one I made for my boss. She loved the fabric in my last quilt so I used the leftover for her purse.


I just finished this and don't ask, it's mine. I know, doesn't that sound greedy? Well I went from 10 years of quilting and owning 0 quilts to owning 5. As soon as the bargello comes off the frame I'll own 6. This started as a 4 patch posey pattern but the end result is my own. I made her squares but the rest of her pattern was unattractive, way too busy and a very confused pattern.

So I used the blocks and some cream triangles and designed my own finished design. I really like the outcome. I'll be using this on my red chair in my bedroom. Doesn't match the teal and brown going on the bed but when you love quilts, does that really matter?


I think we all go thru periods where it seems like we're working but there are no finished projects to validate all the hard work. I finally have a couple finished and ready to go out the door. Or stay home, whichever may be the case.

This is a quilt for a fireman in Texas. After the wildfires a few months ago there were 16 firemen in one station that lost their own homes while fighting fires elsewhere. Of of the ladies in my online group asked for volunteers to make a quilt for each. I was lucky enough to get in on the project. It gave me a reminder how hard it can sometimes be to make a "manly" quilt. I gotta start buying more masculine fabrics for my stash.