Monday, September 15, 2014

Pre-Roof Expense

Well I ordered this before I knew about the new roof but she's non-returnable.  With the RA in my shoulders I'd given up classes or sewing in living room as the machines are just to heavy to load and unload anymore.  I ran across this on ebay and it was the first I'd seen under $200 so I ordered her.  She'll arrive this week and then ship off to Memphis for spa day.  Billy will overhaul her, make sure she runs like butter and all the electrical is up to date.  She didn't come with a case but I can make a tote bag to fit her.  I won't tell you what I had done till she gets home.   This is a stock photo, mine is not in that good of shape, YET.


After months of hearing son in law and ex say leave the roof we'll fix it, then waiting for no show roofers I finally found a company to repair my leaking roof.  The bad news, not worth repair and roof has less than year of "active life" left.  So I was dreading hearing the repair would run $7-800 and instead her the new roof will run $6,000 plus any wood replacement or unseen damages.   Guess after that I'll have to see what costs to repair bedroom ceiling.

Oh well, God provides and Matt has agreed to do some handyman work for me at family discount prices.


I was able to get this quilt finished up last week and donated it for a raffle.  A local family wanted to raise funds for a family member starting chemo treatments.  Hope they raise plenty.  This quilt is much prettier in person.  The colors came out very muted in the picture.   I think I have another one of these in the bag with fabrics already chosen so it will go on my sewing room wall.


Well since vacation life is back to quiet which is ok with me.   Robert was kind enough to paint my sewing room while I was gone so now all that's left of the painting is the kitchen cabinets, wall and trim in the spare bedroom.

Since the sewing room is now painted (lavender room went back to spare bedroom), I decided to look again for an old treadle table to display my 1950's Dressmaker machine.  Usually when I find them they need so much refinishing I can't do or they are too pricey.  Well I found one last week for $95 and the cabinet needs nothing but polish.  I was surprised to find it has has a matched sewing machine inside.  Lordy my online group had a fit when I said I was taking the machine out .

After a lot of research it turns out it's a child's treadle which is pretty uncommon and we are still trying to locate info on the machine itself.  Looks like maybe an Eldridge.  Eventually I'll try and clean her up and see if I can find someone to show me how to use her.  If not she'll one day go off to Billy to restore if I find someone to teach me to use

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I finally finished this quilt right before I left.  it's the first one I ever sent out to be quilted and I needed to add the binding when it came back.   Now I just have to get the hooks figured out to hang it behind my dining table.



Just some of the beach pictures - Romaine and Debbie had a very relaxing time

Vacation - September 2014

I had a chance to return to Weston's this year and it was nice but a little sad.  When I'm there I have a lot of time to reflect on prior years and I miss my parents that are now gone and my second parents that can't travel now.   The new owners have done a lot to the place but it will always be a noting fancy beach resort - I think that's why I like it.  Here are the new colors.  Not sure I liked.  First I thought south beach then Nancy summed it up perfectly - art deco look


Ms. Kiljeaden

I don't think Ms. Kiljeaden is overly fond of little dog.   She hides till he goes home.  


I just love this little dog.  That seems to be his new name.  He only comes when you yell "little dog, little dog".  This is him waiting for his night night cashews.  I told him it was time but he hadn't had his snack yet.  His mom calls this eye balling you.


I was finally able to finish the last t-shirt quilt the night before I left and the new owner loved them.  I think as quilters we just take quilts for granted a lot of times.  I didn't know what to say when she started crying.