Monday, December 29, 2008


Well here we are closing out 2008. I think at this time each year we all stop and think of the things we are thankful for. I know one of mine is the people that God has brought into my life through our quilting group. They are an amazing group of women and have talents that are growing every day. Throughout this year I have watched them go from beginner to fabulous quilters. Each project I see them challenge themselves more and more. We've also got our new quilter Becky. It's always so enjoyably to me to watch new quilters discover fabrics, colors and patterns they never considered trying together. Becky has just started her first quilt and I think it's going to be just one of many to come and we've enjoyed getting to know her these past few weeks.

As to me who knows where I go from here. I have finally finished Amy's baby quilt and we'll certainly pray over it before it goes home to the new baby. I think I messed up every possible aspect of it from start to finish. But now it's just a photo and label away from being delivered. Turned out great since the baby is due in 3 days.

Now I'm back to work on Hazel's log cabin. I've been slack on it cause I've started doubting myself on the color and layout. The more opinions people give me the more I struggle with the idea of is it good enough - is it right? So I have decided - the colors are what Ms. Hazel requested and I'm going back to my original layout design. Once I did that the inspiration to get it finished is back. So starting tonight it's on the top of my list. Besides Hazel comes in 29 days and she siad she'll haul me to Minnesota to finish it. I'll freeze to death and die there so figured I better finish it.

Maybe she'll have some suggestions for the next one when she gets here. After that I have a new baby in Brandon that needs a quilt as well. The list never ends.

Be blessed and welcome the new year safely. You are all true blessings in my life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Latest Finished Quilt

Here is a picture of the red, black and white quilt I designed for a charity raffle in September. I think the colors came out simply stunning. I started out with the idea of a rail fence and it just progressed from there.

It broke my heart to hear the quilt was never raffled and they have disbanded the group so since I have it back still in in's original storage bag I've decided to try and sell t since it's Christmas time. I've never entertained selling a quilt before since I just fel like it's almost impossible to sell something for all the hours you have involved. Too many "Made In China" qults out there for $50. So anyway, I've listed it on Anne's company bulletin board and we'll see if anything happens.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just a Thought

Just mentioning - I have had a couple of quilters lately ask me about picking out quilt fabrics for them or one even wants me to shop with her. I personally don't think my color choices are anything unusual or spectacular but I guess someone likes them.

I have played with the idea for years of making up quilt kits with pre-cut pieces and patterns matched to fabric and selling them at craft and art shows. However that means working all year for something you'll show at one or 2 shows. I used to do that but it's a lot of work to only sell once or twice a year. Well, I am now thinking I may go ahead with that idea but sell them via a website store. I can set it up for $24 a month and put as much or as litte as I like.

So what do you think of that idea? Email and let me know.

December 5, 2008

Well as you can see from the Faithquilter's blog the ladies have been busy. I, sorry to say, have no finished projects to post. I seem to be in a funk lately. I have so many ideas running around and some many I want to do that I felt a little overwhelmed. I had to stop and remind myself that I have no deadline.

I have finished Amy's rubber duck top and will be quilting that this weekend. I also have one for Vickie and one for Amy that will be quilted in the next 2 weeks for Christmas.

Then I wll finally be finishing Auntie Hazel's log cabin. She is visiting in January and I need to have it ready to go home with her. I sure hope she likes the colors and layout - I have struggled a long time with the fabric choices. We shall see - they are already cut and sewn so can't change them now.

Be blessed.