Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here's the latest swap out the door. It's a purse going to Australia. It's much bigger than it looks but I had to hold it for pic and made it look little. Uses 3 fat quarters and you can remove it from the metal frame and change to another fabric anytime.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I just finished these last night. Bosses daughter got married and I was going to make a queen size and figured if it doesn't match the bedroom people never use so I made two what I call "couch quilts". Of course you need two so they don't have to share. It took every last scrap I had to get 80 blocks. They are all the same color line and I had 10-20 different prints. I tried to use the lighter ones in hers so hope she likes them.


Here are 2 more robins I finished this weekend. Both the centers were done by the quilt owners and I was round 1 on each one. I added the paisley on the tan one and the flying geese on the other.


Well looking at my blog it probably seems like I'm getting little to nothing done. The sad part is I feel really busy all the time. It did take a while to finish the bargello and I have a Weaver Fever in progress that is time consuming. However here are a few things I've finished in February. This one is a round robin I joined. One of the members made the peacock center and sent it to me for round 1. Her work was so well done I was afraid to work on it. I hope she doesn't think it's too bright.