Monday, June 9, 2014


I decided this weekend that it was time to repaint my sewing room.   I hadn't bothered to paint those rooms while the kids were living with me and have put it off sense they moved as I hate painting.  And I do mean HATE.  So Saturday I decided it was time.   I painted the room lavender now I have to go to Lowes and get white for doors, ceiling and trim.

I ended up painting the walls, then cleaned and replaced the white/black rug and purple chair, added a pretty white curtain, a black catchall cabinet, cutting table and redid the fabric cabinet.  I'd really like to get an old china cabinet and paint it white for the fabric but that lateral is full and I have no where else to put it.    Funny I forgot the chair was purple till I painted the room and someone mentioned they matched.

Here are some pictures.  Little blurry as I had to use phone.  Once I moved everything to living room I couldn't get to camera.  Hard to tell from after pics but the room is light purple.

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