Saturday, July 24, 2010


By midnight I couldn't see straight anymore so here is what I got accomplished for my Friday Night Sew in. This was the first time I particiapted but I'll do this again. I had fun. 2 more rows of blocks and I'll decide if it gets more blocks or a border.


About mid-way thru I took a break and a couple more pictures of where I was "sew" far. Still sewing and trimming blocks but I joined two rows also to get an idea how it looked.


So I got home, put on my jammies and got ready for the Friday night sew-in. Here's the picture where I got my fabrics ready and sewed my first few squares then started trimming. In the second picture I decided to make some dinner to munch on while sewing. Took some leftover chicken, rice and so forth and made a pot of chicken fried rice. Worked out well as my daughter even ran over and picked up the leftovers for her dinner.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm participating in the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN. Come join in.


I always post my pictures out here when my quilts are done but I finished a top last week that I have to admit I absolutely loved. It's rare I have one that I initially think "oh it's pretty" then realize at the end I can't part with it. This weekend I finished a Hole in One I had cut out months ago and I liked the colors but once I put them together and added to border I was amazed how richly and beautifully the colors all came together. I'm going to try and quilt it quickly but if not I may have to post a picture anyway.


Okay so what I needed were some new projects - you heard the ha-ha in that right? I absolutely loved the round robin idea so I've signed up to do another round robin swap with the Tumbaweeds yahoo group, I'm still doing Sandi's block swap and this week I set up my monthly class to start a block of the month as well as I'm starting a round robin group of my own. To top that off I'm still going to try and find time to do one new, never done before block each week. Figured once I do I can use them for swaps or tote bags.

Sounds like a lot of projects but I was feeling quilt stunted. Wasn't really sure what to do next, etc. I think it's just because so many projects seem to be "waiting". I have so many beautiful fabrics screaming - use me.

So, between work, bookkeeping for the brother, dental work and life in general I am trying to expand my quilt skills and what better way than to have scheduled projects and deadlines. I will be quilting one of the weekly ladies quilts this weekend so I'll post it on when she finishes and hopefully I'll get to one of mine and can post it as well.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Check back here and the group blog ( for more coming up soon. I have one more basted, one waiting to be basted and 2 or 3 for the group that need to be quilted. My poor Juki will be worn out soon. Should have more pics next week.


Here's one more out of the closet. This is another comfort quilt that is now finished, quilted and in the pile ready to go. These blocks were part of a swap I did a year or two ago that included "any purple block" so I cut them all the same size and made them into a quilt. And for 2010 it was no buy except the backing. Came out cute I think.


This one is on my Faith Quilters blog as well since it will go to the comfort quilt pile. I started this for my sister when she was injured back in April. But with tax season and trying to help her family I never got it finished up so I gave her one I had finished already. Of course with UFO month it was a chance to get one more off my list.

It's a Twisted Nine Patch. Didn't realize until I took the picture that one of the blocks was laid out wrong but let's face it, after it's quilted thats not going to get repaired. It's pretty just the same. Oh yeah and I bought the fabric in 2009 or prior so it qualifies for a No Buy quilt in 2010.


Here's a Pointless Wonder I started in December 2008. I made the center squares and put them togehter but didn't really like them so put it away. Then around Christmas 2009 I added the strip border and really liked the quilt much more. At that point unfortunately it got hung in the closet for basting and something else got draped over it so it just faded into the back of my mind. In my search for UFO's to finish up I found it, basted and quilted it. I'll probably save this one for my Christmas tablecloth but who really knows where it might end up. Still not sure I "love" it but it came out pretty.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I almost forgot to post - pictures are coming. Kathy will be bringing my three quilts back bound tomorrow so they are finished and ready to have their blog debut. It's funny I was trying to remember which ones I sent with her and I'm not sure I recall. I believe there is a Christmas Pointless Wonder, a purple scrap block swap quilt and the third is just a blank in my mind. Guess I'll be surprised as well. I'll put the pics up tomorrow night.


I have found over the years that I like a lot of different quilt patterns but I'm not crazy about applique or really scrappy quilts. I've also noticed lately that I tend to gravitate to easier patterns. Not sure why but I like the simple piecing and have even come to enjoy the free motion quilting over actualy piecing.

This past week I've been reflecting on the quilts I've made and while I never liked making the same pattern more than once I have found one I simply love. The Magic Tile. It is just an amazing pattern and looks beautiful in any color combination. I think to date I have made 7 or 8. I also keep thinking, I've purchased the fabric for a Weaver Fever and a Twisted Bargello but never started them. So I wondered - have I gotten lazy in my quilting? Am I liking the simple patterns cause they are quicker? Have I not started these 2 because they are time consuming? So between finshing my current projects I am going to pull up and go down the line of 12.5" blocks making a new one every week. Once I get caught up I am going to cut that twisted bargello next. I'm going back to quality over quantity.


I can't bring myself to cut up any more quilts until I can at least make a dent in the ones I already have. I know we all say that and then something comes along we just can't resist or we have so many promised we just need to start that new project. However I have put cutting new ones on hold with the exception of the 2 quilts I'll donate for the raffle at our Ladies Dessert fundraiser for our church in December.

I went thru my closet last night wondering what to do for UFO day tomorrow. I thought wow, have I really caught up? I have almost nothing left that is started (not counting those cut and packaged for future use). Then I found myself checking the shelves and computer cabinet and had to laugh. Who was I kidding? I have at least 4 or 5 more started. So I'm going to try and control myself and see can I actually complete those before cutting something new. I do have one exception - I'm doing a block a week to improve my skills so I'll probably have to cut those.

Oh, and my no-buy I broke but only a little and for a cause. A friend talked me into doing a challenge quilt. Not sure my skills are challenge worthy but what the heck. So I bought 2 yards of both the challenge fabrics.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So, Saturday is UFO workshop day. I'm really excited to see what the ladies will bring to work on. I know I've finished 4 or 5 of mine this last two weeks so I wouldn't have so many. Unfortunately as quilters I'm sure you know as well as me that it doesn't matter how many you finish they are always more hiding in the closet. Wait is that just me, no I know it's all of you. I'll take some pictures this weekend of the quilts I just finshed. See you soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010


I have 3 more I've quilted and one I'm basting today so check back. They've been quilted and the binding sewn on the front. Kathy took them home to hand finish the binding so I'll post as soon as they come home. I'm trying to finish off the UFO's.


I've been quilting for a week straight and here is the latest one. This was made by one of the previous members of Faithquilters (Vickie) last year. She made it as a tablecloth for me and I love it. For the longest time I wasn't able to find it but in cleaning out UFO's I found something else got hung over it. So I pulled it out this week and did the quilitng and binding and it's ready for my table. It's just beautiful.

Friday, July 2, 2010


What do you feel constitutes a UFO? Is it a quilt you already started or does it become a UFO as soon as you cut the fabric? My monthly group is having UFO day as our July workshop so I was sorting thru the closet trying to find out what UFO's I have that need to be finished. I was able to pull out 4 and get the tops quilted and ready for binding. I had never given this much thought until I was speaking with a friend about clearing out the UFO's and she said don't forget all the ones you have cut out. WHAT!. I SHOULD BE COUNTING THOSE? I only counted the ones I started.

Back in Feburary when we got busy for tax season I was sometimes too tired to sew but when I had a little time I decided to cut up quilts. My logic was when I had time to sew they would be cut and ready to go. At some point I realized I had cut up 21 of them. I think so far I've sewn 3 or maybe 4 of those. The rest are in nice ziplock bags along with the patterns. So I ask you - would you consider those a UFO?


Looking at my posts here it looks like I've been getting nothing accomplished quilt wise. But I have been working on it slowly. I actually have 4 quilts almost ready for posting. They are quilted and the binding in the process. I usually add the first half of the binding then Kathy does the hand sewing part for me. I gave her 3 last night to sew and I'm working on a 4th so I should have pictures soon. That will be 4 UFO's out of my closet.

I also have the quilt top that I did with the Tumbaweeds online Austrialia quilt group. I participated in a round robin and just remembered I have it back and need to baste and quilt it. It really came out pretty. I'll hopefully get to that next week so I'll have 5 photos coming soon.

I did decide that nothing else gets cut till some of the UFO's are finished.


My latest quilt was actually a group project. I occasionally meet with a group of ladies in Lakeland for quilting and one of the ladies recently had a stroke. Everyone got together and made a block for a quilt to give her. Once Robin assembled it, I quilted it and Robin added the binding. I think Pat really loved it. It really came out pretty. Here's a picture of the finished top. The center square is mine.


Well I'm bound and determined I am really going to stick to that no buy from now on. Of course it won't include batting or backing when necessary. I am having some dental work and when I saw his bill I realized it will be a lot easier not to buy now. LOL.