Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I forgot to mention, if I don't post for a while it's just I was busy. Tax season is coming again and as usual I have let myself get months (I mean months) behind in my brothers bookkeeping for 2010 so I'll be working on that along with the new overtime schedule at the office.

But we all know I'll still be sewing when I can so I'll try and post when things are finished.


It's now been a month I've had the new house. I still thank God for it every day. There are things that I've repaired and many things left to repair but I have plenty of time to get them done and what I don't the next person can fix. I'm all moved in but still trying to make room with all Shannon's stuff. When they move they are gonna need a huge apartment or house. They have about 3 times the stuff I do.

I think short of painting the living room that room pretty much ready. The paint in there isn't too bad and there are a lot of other things to spend the money on so it will wait. I've gotten the necessary items like the shower repaired and Bo replaced the living room outlets so now it's just one room at a time but I'll get there.

Housewarming party is January 8 and it won't be as finished as I'd like but it's clean so thats all that matters.


Ok are we still in Florida? I laughed at clients that told me I'd be much colder when I bought my new house because I moved "north". Thats nuts it's only 30 minutes north and a little inland. Well I wasn't laughing this am. It was 24 degrees when I left for work. I just check it with the sun up and shining it's only 27. I actually had to scrape ice off my windshield this am. That was a first. Welcome to Zephryhills. But then I looked at the weather forecast and realized, yes we're still in Florida. Last night was in the low 20's with todays high in low 50's. Friday, Satruday and Sunday it's forecast for mid 50's at night and low to mid 70's during the day. What's that old phrase in Florida? Don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

To all my northern firends that are gonna email and tell me it's warm here, don't bother. I could never live where they have snow in May.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Well I've now owned my own home for a month. I think all that is normal so far is the lving room. I haven't painted it yet but the paint in there isn't all that bad so it's pretty far down on the "fix me" list. Therefore since I washed the windows this weekend I'm declaring one room finished. Here's a picture of half the room. The other half has Shannon's sofa and the TV area. I'll post that as soon as I take a picture.


Here is a picture of the latest round robin top I just finished for the Aussie group. The last round with the braids is my addition. The greens are a little more muted than they look in the picture and I think it came out well. I just love the look of braid quilts.

I also finshed some orange star blocks I was working on and started a top for a friend of my daughters. I'll post those here ater they are finished.

Be watching for them and have a blessed 2011.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Round Robin's

Finally back to sewing after moving and the ladies dessert fundraiser. This week I worked on my round robin's I need to have mailed out by Dec. 30. I love the robin's because they push you to stretch outside your usual color schemes as someone before you did the previous round. Here are the two I mailed out today. The last row on each is the one I added. The halloween one was really outside my comfort zone. I saw round 1 and 2 and had my pumpkin fabric already but it arrived green and purple. I think it's really wild with the cats and dots. And just FYI - halloween fabric is not easy to find in December.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is one of the quilts I just finished this week. It was donated to our church annual fundraiser. We have a ladies dessert each year and raise gift cards which are donated to the church benevolence fund and I donate 2 quilts each year to be raffled off. I did not get a picture of the other but I have asked the winner to take one and send to me so hopefully I can post soon.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'll take some more pics this week as we get rooms arranged. I won't even mention the yard yet. But as I said the Lord sent me a home of my own that I love and I have 30 years to fix everything.


I had to post this picture for fun. What's wrong with this door? Look close and it is just bizarre.

This house has a lot of doors like one from living room to the dining room and one from dining room to kitchen. We didn't realize this crazy door till Shannon closed it while we were cleaning. When she turned the knob and it wouldn't open we noticed what was wrong. It has 2 doorknobs. Yeah I said 2. What crazy person came up with this. Eventually I'll replace it but right now it's a good conversation piece.


The house has a long narrow dinig room so rather than have a dining room I decided to have a quilt room. We have to have priorities right?

Here is day one before the boxes arrived. Looks like it needs paint but that will have to wait till I finish the quilts for the church fundraiser next week. The second picture is after the boxes arrived. No those boxes are not all fabric. Don't get me wrong I had numerous boxes but that wasn't them, lol.


Brighthouse has come and gone and we discovered new things about the house. I know I bought a 50 year old home so there are always weird things like old outlets, repairs, etc. but check this out. The only phone plug is installed in the middle of the wall, shoulder high. I never noticed unti lthe Brighthouse guys arrived. I see a shelf in my future. In the meantime it still looks crazy. Maybe a big picture.


I thought I had plenty of room but I was shoocked how much stuff we needed to fit into my new house. Here is the second trip the movers made. We were simply wall to wall boxes. Luckily we realized it simply won't all fit. I discarded a bunch of stuff and kids will have to store a bunch as well. This was on moving day and it looks much better now.


Here is the living room before the movers came. I walked around thinking wow what a big house. Once the movers made the second trip with daughter and son-in-laws stuff I realized I did't get a big enough house. Let the cleaning and unpacking begin.


So here is the kitchen when the previous owner lived there and then again after Shannon and I scrubbed every inch. I realized we would not be able to scrub every wall and paint every one before we moved in. I simply can't paint so I'll need help. Anyway we moved in and Lowes brought the new appliances. The microwave had to wait for Tony to come install but that was done this weekend and the kitchen at least has reached normal. I think I like the stainless randge better than the black anyway.


Here is the floor in the kitchen and the fridge after Shannon finished scrubbing them. They certainly look and SMELL better. We're about 50% gone of the curry odor at this point. Thank the Lord I did not have to replace the fridge.

You'll notice she did not put her beer in there until after the smell was gone, ha-ha.


I was told by a client that a great way to get rid of curry smell was elbow grease and paint. She also suggested adding 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract to the gallon of paint. Wow it really did work. Here is Bo painting. He painted half my bedroom so we could bring in the bed. I have a large waterbed so once it's in, it's in. No moving it later without draining the water.


If you ever need a reason to pull your fridge out and clean behind it, here it is. This is what Shannon found behind the fridge. She was kind enough to do the scrub down of the kitchen floors before we moved in. More curry odor gone once it was cleaned.


So after closing and finding out that curry smell is apparently according to cleaning companies the hardest smell to remove, we deicded that was our first priorty. The smell had to GO. I was told there was no way it would come out of the microwave and range so off to for a new microwave and range. An unplanned expense but it was needed. After that we moved the old appliances to the yard (redneck yes I know) and assured the neighbors we wouldn't leave them there. Shannon cleaned behind the fridge and stove and it started to smell a little better. Little being the important part here.


Well I have been in my new house 10 days now. It's been a long 10 days and we discovered new and exciting things about home ownership. I found your home inspector will never see a lot of things if the owners still live there and make sure they cover up. There are a lot of repairs and cleaning to do but God sent me a home I love and he will send me what I need to take care of everything. He is good all day, every day.

I've posted some pictures here so you can see what we've been doing for 10 days.

PS - If you ever look at a home to buy and the owners cooked with curry - DO NOT BUY THIS HOUSE unless you plan on replacing and painting everything.