Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Bedroom

The pictures make it look a little lighter than it actually is but the paint turned out the exact match to the verticals.  While I hate the verticals they will have to stay a while.  The prior owner plastered the concrete walls and while the look is nicer, it chips if I drill through it and I'm not ready to replaster all the walls.   I may eventually remove the slats and use curtains in the same clips.

I also didn't hang things on walls for same reason but tried to use the vases that not only add color but a taller than usual decoration so bare walls aren't so obvious.   Here are more pics of the bedroom.  I wish I had taken a before pic but didn't think to.    I'll post tomorrow once the bed is finished.  I debated changing the lamp shades to both white but I like that they add different affects to the lighting so I can turn on whichever suits my mood.   I forgot to get pics of the doors.

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