Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm so excited. In my plan to spring clean the house I went crazy on my sewing room. It's now become a new multi-purpose room. The walls are painted a nice vanilla bean color with white trim, the carpet was ripped out and a nice neutral multi-colored tile put down on the floor, fabrics have been sorted and organized, and everything cleaned and polished - including those darn M & M collectibles.

I was able to move the ironing board and cutting tables back into the spare room and store one of the sewing tables on the patio. This way I can set it up in the living room on Tuesday nights and return it to the patio afterward. Wow it looks nice to walk into the living room and not have quilting stuff in every room. It's kinda like normal people live there again.

So in my spare room I have space so a guest can sleep on a store away bed, room to exercise and just simply enjoy the room. It came out so pretty. Unfortunately it made me realize that the bathroom and house doors need painting as well as removing carpet in my bedroom. But Tony and ma have been great at helping and it will be like a whole new house once I'm finished. I have to remember to go back to and keep my original quilting rule - once a quilt is finished - nothing new gets started until the room is cleaned completely again. Hopefully it will be easy since it looks so neat and clean now. I also need to stick with my promise of no more storing stuff - if I don't forsee using it then it's gotta go.

See you all soon and keep making beautiful things. Pics coming soon.

Hopefully I'll have the cleaning and bookkepping finished within the next week and can get back to sewing. My first project is to quilt Holly's top and get it off to Minnesota and finish a comfort quilt for February.