Monday, June 10, 2013


Well the Juki repairman actually did come Saturday.  He looked over the Exceed I sent him for repair and found the knife shaft was stuck.   He agreed I would be a perfect machine tester as it's a part that rarely fails.  He not only fixed it but showed me how to do it also.  Worked out great because I started sewing after he left and about the 5th time I cut the thread the knift shaft stuck again.  Took me a 9pm trip to Kmart for some metric allen wrenches and about 30minutes to dismantle the machine but da da da . . it is repaired.  Scary part is he says if happens again he'll email me how to replace the cam shaft.  Say what?  I don't think I'm that mechanically inclined and not something I want to attempt.  If it fails again I think I'll just dismantle the shaft, repair it nad not use the thread cutter again.  No way on removing cam shafts.

He worked on the 2000q for several minutes and said it has too many issues so he removed it from the frame, packed it up and took it to GA with him to try and repair.  If he can, I'm selling it.   Will be factory repaired and working perfectly but it's dead to me.  That and I bought it's replacement already. 

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