Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well, I'm on a rant today.  I am just finishing up a quilt for my daugher's friend and planning on starting the cutting for a dresden bloom for a friend.  Thought in the mean time, I need to start deciding what I want for my new bed.  From previous posts you'll see I tossed the memeory foam and decided on a pretty daybed for my room.  This way it can be twin size or king if I want.  Since I'm single right now the twin is good sized and allowed me to buy a GOOD quality mattress.

There are a lot of daybed ideas on apartmenttherapy.com since most people are posting small space questions and ideas.  So, I posted for comments on daybed coverings and was floored how many people commented how crazy it was to buy a daybed to sleep on every day.  Who says they are for guests use only?  If they are uncomfortable it's becuase you bought a cheap, crappy mattress.  Mine sleeps very nicely as a twin and I've ordered a "bed doubler" which makes it a perfectly comfortable king bed, assuming you purchased 2 good quality mattresses. 

So haters, keep your comments to yourself and smile more.  It was easy to tell even in writing your unhappy people.  What does the size of the room matter for what bed you buy?  Who ever heard of a bed being too small for a room.

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