Thursday, June 6, 2013


I think I posted about having to send my 6 month old electronic juki to Georgia for a dismantle repair.  Repair is free but still costs $80 to ship it.  It came back just in time to take on vacation. When I returned, the repair shop emailed to ask how everything was.  Told them great but the thread cutter came back not working.  Decided I'd live with it rather than pay to ship it again.

Out of the blue Monday I get an email from the man asking if he can stop at my house on Saturday and repair it.  Says he's at Juki America all week and would stop on his way back to Georgia Saturday as he was coming up I-75.    You can bet I'm gonna just happen to have the non-working 2000Q sitting out.  Maybe he'd like to look it over and save me sending it back to the dealer in Utah to be repaired. 

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