Monday, June 3, 2013


I was hoping to have more quilts finished but the juki on my frame has finally bit the dust.  It just won't sew at all anymore and I have no idea why.  So after a weekend for debating and yelling at it, I ordered the juki 2010.   I may end up in the poor house over these machines. 

At least it was nice to know the problem wasn't just me.  The dealer said many people have issues with the 2000q.  But I did get him to throw in extra bobbins, free shipping, $100 off coupon and he will repair the old one for free.  Doubts it will ever do the free motion quilting correctly as it has tension/timing issues but it will make a nice back up machine when my regular piecing one has to go into the shop.

Spent the weekend working on tops so I could have them ready to go once it arrives.  I one on the frame now and 2 ready to make the backing.   Think I'll work on the backing this week.

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