Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay so what I needed were some new projects - you heard the ha-ha in that right? I absolutely loved the round robin idea so I've signed up to do another round robin swap with the Tumbaweeds yahoo group, I'm still doing Sandi's block swap and this week I set up my monthly class to start a block of the month as well as I'm starting a round robin group of my own. To top that off I'm still going to try and find time to do one new, never done before block each week. Figured once I do I can use them for swaps or tote bags.

Sounds like a lot of projects but I was feeling quilt stunted. Wasn't really sure what to do next, etc. I think it's just because so many projects seem to be "waiting". I have so many beautiful fabrics screaming - use me.

So, between work, bookkeeping for the brother, dental work and life in general I am trying to expand my quilt skills and what better way than to have scheduled projects and deadlines. I will be quilting one of the weekly ladies quilts this weekend so I'll post it on when she finishes and hopefully I'll get to one of mine and can post it as well.

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