Friday, July 16, 2010


I have found over the years that I like a lot of different quilt patterns but I'm not crazy about applique or really scrappy quilts. I've also noticed lately that I tend to gravitate to easier patterns. Not sure why but I like the simple piecing and have even come to enjoy the free motion quilting over actualy piecing.

This past week I've been reflecting on the quilts I've made and while I never liked making the same pattern more than once I have found one I simply love. The Magic Tile. It is just an amazing pattern and looks beautiful in any color combination. I think to date I have made 7 or 8. I also keep thinking, I've purchased the fabric for a Weaver Fever and a Twisted Bargello but never started them. So I wondered - have I gotten lazy in my quilting? Am I liking the simple patterns cause they are quicker? Have I not started these 2 because they are time consuming? So between finshing my current projects I am going to pull up and go down the line of 12.5" blocks making a new one every week. Once I get caught up I am going to cut that twisted bargello next. I'm going back to quality over quantity.

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