Friday, July 2, 2010


What do you feel constitutes a UFO? Is it a quilt you already started or does it become a UFO as soon as you cut the fabric? My monthly group is having UFO day as our July workshop so I was sorting thru the closet trying to find out what UFO's I have that need to be finished. I was able to pull out 4 and get the tops quilted and ready for binding. I had never given this much thought until I was speaking with a friend about clearing out the UFO's and she said don't forget all the ones you have cut out. WHAT!. I SHOULD BE COUNTING THOSE? I only counted the ones I started.

Back in Feburary when we got busy for tax season I was sometimes too tired to sew but when I had a little time I decided to cut up quilts. My logic was when I had time to sew they would be cut and ready to go. At some point I realized I had cut up 21 of them. I think so far I've sewn 3 or maybe 4 of those. The rest are in nice ziplock bags along with the patterns. So I ask you - would you consider those a UFO?


  1. If I have the fabric and know what I am going to do with it, it is a work-in-progress/UFO to me. At the beginning of the year, I counted 20. Ugly! But I am working away on them and very satisfied with the results. Some are now finished tops waiting to be quilted, but they are off my List, because I have done all I can for now. Makes sense to me.

  2. IMHO, it isn't a UFO until you have started actually sewing it and then abandoned it for a few months. I love to have things cut up ahead, and never consider those UFO's, just good planning and organization! ;-)
    And let me say to both you and Deanna, don't feel bad about your UFO's, there are people out in blogland who have way, way, way more of them than either of you. . . than either of you COMBINED!

  3. Some one sent me this a long time ago...
    What is a UFO?
    It starts out as a WHIMM (Work Hidden in My Mind). After a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) and some SEX (Stash Enhancing eXperience) it becomes a PIG (Project in a Grocery Sack).
    The PIG becomes a HSY (pronounced hissy ...means Haven't Started Yet). Once you have a HSY fit and begin work, it becomes a WIP (Work in
    Progress). The WIP becomes a UFO (UnFinished Object) as soon as some other project grabs and holds your attention more than the project that
    was a WIP.

  4. Wow ladies thank you for your answers. Sounds like it could go either way so I'm gonna say if I cut and packaged them they aren't UFO's till I strat them.