Monday, October 14, 2013


So Friday evening I was sitting in the yard as I usually do and my neighbor and her beau walked over.  I said I was trying to figure a way to burn those trees without going to jail.  If I prune them they double in size, if I cut them down several spawn - they are like trees from hell.  He asked why I'd want to cut a Joshua tree (variety of yucca) instead of shuck it?  Wait, what - there was an alternative?  Turns out her beau studied horticulture and knew all about these trees.  They were right, the more I cut them, the more they branched out with new limbs - you have to shuck the razor like leaves off and shape the tree that way.  It took 20+ large yard bags but he shucked all my trees and I love them.   I'm going to mulch around them this week with that pretty red mulch.

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