Monday, October 14, 2013


These are my yucca trees.  The top picture is what they looked like when I bought the house.  I took picture in January 2011.  The trees looked to be falling over and then I realized the prior owner had them wired to stop them falling over.  They were little plants about a foot high near the ground with 8-12 foot trees growing out of the center.  I contacted a nursery and was told you are supposed to trim back the bud stalk after they bloom but these were left too long so needed to be cut back completely.  I did that and 2 years later they just exploded.  The plant itself went from about 1-2 foot to about 7 foot tall and 4-5 feet wide and I have around 10 trees.  This is the bottom picture and I HATE those buses.  They are gangley, as sharp as razor blades, attract wasps and are ugly.   I set off to trim them and that was a mistake.  See part 2 of the Yucca saga.

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