Wednesday, October 9, 2013


If you're reading my blog thru - this is stolen content.  My real blog address is  Feedspot has stolen the content of millions of blogs and fed their content to their RSS feeds.  Apparently whatever that means it is legal but how dare you take my private pictures and comments and load them to your feeds for no other reason than make money.  You make advertising money off me each time someone follows or clicks a link to my blog.  Kinda messed up if you ask me.   

So PLEASE, if you're reading this thru delete yourself as a follower of this blog.  I and over 1 million bloggers are trying to have this removed.


  1. I don't have an account at Feedspot but from everything I've seen written about it, it is just another RSS reader similar to Google Reader. Why do you think they're stealing content?

    Barbara in MD

    1. Well I gave them no permission to post my feed there and they provide no link to my actual blog like many of the readers do. Why would you feel it's ok to take my personal photos and post them to random readers for no other reason that those readers make money each time to click one. I have warned friends that post pics of their children on their blogs. Just one more way to all child porn creeps access to pics of their children. Good thing is if they hijack your blog as well, you will be able to buy a subscription then ask them to remove it. There are in excess of 1 million complaints.