Friday, September 13, 2013

Ever end a day knowing that you'll probably ramble on about nothing.  Tidbits for today perhaps?

Did you know that if you put a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the microwave for 11 seconds (10 or 12 doesn't work) that you get the exact texture and temp as a "hot now" doughnut?   It took me a long time to get the exact time right.  If you don't live where they sell Krispy Kreme you have no idea what your life has been missing.

Krispy Kreme is such a fond childhood memory of mine.  Growing up in south Tampa gave me the benefit of walking several blocks and finding the original Krispy Kreme bakery.  I don't think back in those days they had the variety they have now, but I honestly don't think I ate any type of doughnut other than glazed until I was grown.  While the variety is nice for most, I'll always be a glazed doughnut kinda of girl.

If those glazed covered circles of heaven weren't your taste, a walk several blocks in the other direction found you inside the Krystal Burger joint.  A friend told me the other day that Krystal burgers are the same as the frozen White Castle.  We aren't friends anymore - you gotta draw a line somewhere.  While I've now hit 50, and kept going, I can honestly still say Krystal and Krispy Kreme are 2 of the most amazing things to eat.  People the country over have tried to figure out how to duplicate that tiny burger of goodness, but why, there's a restaurant that makes them.  And guess what - they make them, are you ready, . . . . 24 HOURS A DAY.    Take a sliver of greasy beef, layer on some dehydrated onions, a pickle and the bun top then slide it onto the bottom bun with a dab of mustard.  This side of heaven it might be the best thing ever tasted.

So take the time today and stop, relax and focus on a couple of the childhood memories that you still enjoy today.  I just did.  Now I'm off to the mircowave, boss brought in Krispy Kreme today.

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