Friday, September 13, 2013

My rant for the Day

Tractors.  Who told these men that tractors were road vehicles?  If you've been stuck behind one heading to work, you know what I mean.

Lets look at the situation.  They have no tag which means there are not street legal.  You or I would receive a ticket.  They take up over the given lane with attachments on, so passing them is next to impossible even assuming no other traffic was on the road, and they get up to a mean 10-12 miles per hour, down hill.  Have you driven anywhere and seen a 12 mile an hour speed limit?  The ones I see weekly in Plant City are on a highway clearly marked 55 miles per hour.  Did you know if you drive more than 15 miles under the posted limit you can get a ticket for obstructing traffic?  However buy a tractor and you can go virtually anywhere, drive as slow as you like, tie up miles of traffic and it requires no drivers licence or vehicle tag.    And I have noticed the farmers never seem to need to take the tractor anywhere except during morning or evening rush hour.  Besides I've always wondered, wouldn't you buy it to you on your farm?  If so where are you driving it to?

My thoughts - I could sell my Hyundai, cancel that pesky, expensive auto insurance and that $100 a year tag and buy me a tractor.  I bet those little John Deer's might get up to 15 miles per hour.  I'll check into the rain situation and give it some thought.  Be blessed.  I've rambled enough for one day.

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