Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm hoping the ladies that follow my blog have suggestions. I am chairing a ladies tea and dessert for our church benevolence fund. It will be Christmas time and in lieu of cash the ladies will bring gift cards for grocery stores. These cards are donated to the church fund. I'm making a quilt to raffle that night as well. I need by 12/1/09 so I have to make up my mind.

Any suggestions on patterns you've seen or used and really liked (no applique - mine is not good). I was thinking a magic tile but I don't know. Also in your opinion - Christmas fabrics or would more tickets likely sell if fabrics they could use all year long.

Suggestions, anyone, please. Email me: queenv@tampabay.rr.com


  1. Wow you sure are brave! I really don't know if Christmas would raffle better then traditional, but I think it should be a nice pattern that shows off the fabric well. Sometimes folks who don't quilt don't get it when the patterns are too abstract. Maybe you could even do a Quilt in a Day pattern, as they make up pretty and quick too.

  2. I think a quilt in the new pastel christmas fabrics would sell lots of raffle tickets. You could even do it in a disappearing nine patch for a quick sew but classic look. http://missouriquiltco.com had some really neat ones!