Friday, August 14, 2009


I finally made up my mind for the raffle quilt. I couldn't decide what pattern or Christmas v. non-Christmas fabrics so I'm doing both. I planned a bench draped with a Christmas quilt for the photo area. I've decided to do a magic tile in Christmas colors for that and a second magic tile in non-Christmas colors for the raffle. I thought we'll raffle them both and as the ladies buy their tickets they can decide which they want to try and win. This way I should get almost everyone interested in a ticket.
Here are the fabrics I chose for the non-Christmas magic tile. Once I get them all pressed I'll post pictures of the Christmas fabrics. Their even yummier than these. I do love the fabrics with the gold tones in them. I got all these at Quilters Quarters in Zephryhills, FL. they are just amazin at helping you find things.

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