Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well after I got the yellow border on it was still too stark, too cold looking. So Saturday even though I'd just come from the quilt shop, I decided this needed a personal look so off to the shop I headed again with several ideas to choose from. We all decided the same thing, it lacked warmth. It was stark for lack of a better word.

So after playing around with several choices we choose a light blue, white and yellow paisley to warm it up. I loved it. So home again and today I added the last border. And I thought wow it really does add warmth. Then I pressed it and thought maybe I don't like this after all. The I laid it out on the floor and said - well you know I do like it. The I took the picture and thought heck I don't know, do I like it or not? I still haven't decided.


  1. May I suggest bright yellow thread for the quilting?

  2. Wow thanks. I never thought of that and I have 2 really beautiful yellows. Thank you so much. Vicky