Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well here's a first. I've made a quilt that I just can't decide, do I love it or hate it. All the colors worked, my favorite quilt shop like the outcome, but I don't know. One time I think wow I love it, it's so different. The next time I look I think, oh no I don't like that.

Here's how it started. I wanted to make a blue and white quilt. But you know me, after cutting the tumblers it needed some color. I wasn't popping and I love vivid colors. So to the computer, email the pic to the quilt shop, what does it need, it's too blah. Yellow was the answer and of course I thought "love it". So I added a yellow border but it was still too stark, too cold.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's beautiful! What's not to like? I would like to have this one myself, but I know I feel the same about all your quilts. Thanks so much for the beauty you create!!