Friday, December 5, 2008

Just a Thought

Just mentioning - I have had a couple of quilters lately ask me about picking out quilt fabrics for them or one even wants me to shop with her. I personally don't think my color choices are anything unusual or spectacular but I guess someone likes them.

I have played with the idea for years of making up quilt kits with pre-cut pieces and patterns matched to fabric and selling them at craft and art shows. However that means working all year for something you'll show at one or 2 shows. I used to do that but it's a lot of work to only sell once or twice a year. Well, I am now thinking I may go ahead with that idea but sell them via a website store. I can set it up for $24 a month and put as much or as litte as I like.

So what do you think of that idea? Email and let me know.

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